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Lydia Dingle of Emmerdale sobs in front of an unexpected resident about her experience with rape.

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Craig Reed raped Lydia Dingle of Emmerdale earlier this summer, but Lydia has not yet reported the incident to the police.

ITV soap opera spoilers indicate that Lydia Dingle (played by Karen Blick), who has been keeping her rape experience a secret from the public, is ready to confide in a villager.

Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) will confront Craig in forthcoming Emmerdale scenes why he was fired from his job.

The rapist takes advantage of this chance to manufacture a version of events and control the narrative.

Samson is soon convinced by him that something occurred between him and Lydia.

Craig welcomes Samson back to his workplace while coldly satisfied that he was able to influence him.

However, Lisa Riley’s character Mandy Dingle eventually confronts him about what is happening with Craig and Lydia.

Mandy is driven to learn the truth because Samson thinks Lydia and Craig may have been having an affair.

Lydia is terrified when Mandy confronts her the next day and inquires as to whether she has been having an affair behind Sam Dingle’s (James Hooton) back.

Lydia dismisses Mandy’s claims and then storms out of the house in a fit of rage.

Later, as Lydia is sobbing uncontrollably, Kim Tate (Claire King) is terrified to see her.

Lydia courageously informs Kim that she was raped by Craig at work because she can no longer keep it a secret.

When Kim eventually informs her that she must inform Sam about the rape, she is devastated.

Will Lydia hear the businesswoman’s beseeching? Will she report the assault to her husband and the police?

Karen, who plays Lydia, spoke candidly with Express.co.uk about the horrific plot that is playing out on the ITV soap. The actress admitted: “When I was reading the scripts, I was thinking, ‘Lydia you need to do this,’ but after I was done reading, I completely understood why she did not call the police.

“I had a lot of pity and understanding for her behavior because she feels bad, embarrassed, and like it’s somehow her responsibility that she placed herself in that predicament, which is totally false.

When this incident occurs, Lydia is at work and makes it very obvious to Craig that there is no romantic interest between them. Lydia states that she is wed to Sam in a simple and concise manner.

Will Lydia receive justice in forthcoming Emmerdale episodes?

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