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Masked Singer 2022: Mel B correctly guesses star behind the Microphone!

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It’s official that The Masked Singer Australia has begun, and it hasn’t disappointed!

The Knight

After belting out a song of Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits,” Ryan Moloney, who plays Neighbours’ Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi, was identified as the voice behind the Knight, making him the first celebrity to be revealed in the new season of the wacky series.

None of the judges were able to guess that the longtime Neighbours star was the man behind the mask, despite several good guesses from the majority of the panel.

Chrissie Swan, Mel B, Abbie Chatfield, and Dave Hughes were left speechless by the revelation after being given the indication that the Knight was “the closest thing Australia has to actual royalty.” Their choices had ranged from David Hasselhoff, Nick Cummins, Shannon Noll, and Brendon Fevola.

“After 28 years, Neighbours. I can assure you that this is my shortest work to date “After the revelation, Ryan laughed.

Hughesy remarked to the star, “It is an honor to have you here. You are a true symbol of this country and the entire world.”

Unexpectedly, international music icon Mel B admitted that she was a big fan of the Australian performer and that she had grown up watching Neighbours with her mother. “I would skip class and stay at home. I would muddle my digestive cookies and act sick. I would remain and watch you, and my mother would let me skip school.

Equally astounded by the revelation, viewers expressed their disbelief on social media, with many expressing surprise at Moloney’s vocal prowess.

Is Ryan Moloney capable of anything? Who would have thought he could sing? One person said, “I miss Toadie,” while another, “Wait, did we know that Toadie could sing? Why was this never featured in a Neighbours episode? Ryan Moloney’s pop career: where is it? I believe

Fans were shocked to learn that Moloney had appeared in the absurd series, even though many had anticipated that a Neighbours veteran would when the show was cancelled after nearly 40 years.

“I was certain Jason Donovan would be mentioned by Neighbours royalty. Well done, Masked Singer,” one supporter said.

The judges were shocked when the Caterpillar was revealed!

The Caterpillar 

On last night’s episode of The Masked Singer Australia, a second celebrity was revealed, shocking viewers to no end.

On Monday night, The Caterpillar was revealed after several accurate predictions from judges Mel B, Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield, and Dave Hughes.
The Caterpillar stated that she might be discovered anywhere in the world, “from coast to jungle,” in her package of clues.
A counter in the corner of the screen was also seen being moved up to the number 15 as she was pictured receiving a knighthood from a king.
Cloudy Day by Tone And I was performed by The Caterpillar.

Carrie Bickmore, Schapelle Corby, Sally Pearson, and Emily Seebohm were among the judges’ guesses as to who might be hiding behind the mask.

In an unexpected change of events, however, Lisa Curry, an Australian swimming champion, was revealed to be the caterpillar.

Lisa’s hints fell into place for fans after they realized she was hiding behind the mask: the coast to jungle line hinted at her appearance on I’m A Celeb, her birthday is May 15, and she fits the description of the “commonwealth games superstar” that Ten has been teasing all season.

After the competition, Hughesy called Lisa “an amazing icon in this country,” while Chrissie Swan was moved by the spirit of the swimmer.Lisa further clarified her reasoning for entering the competition: What do you know? I just thought, ‘Why not try it?’ since I needed a little pick-me-up,’ she said before adding, “because you only get these moments once and you never lose, you only learn.

The Thong

The third celebrity performer on The Masked Singer Australia was revealed to be Pia Miranda, the star of Looking for Alibrandi and the Australian Survivor champion.

Thong was no match for Blowfly’s moving performance of Adele’s “Easy On Me,” though her cover of P!nk’s “So What” had the panel and crowd standing.

Abbie Chatfield had Hollywood actress Isla Fisher as her prediction, while Dave Hughes thought Thong was Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

Chrissie thought they might be pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen, while Mel B was persuaded that it was model, actress, and presenter Ruby Rose hiding behind the mask.

“This has been so enjoyable, I’ve loved every second,” Pia exclaimed after being revealed. I can’t even express how wonderful it has been!

The Tiger

The voice behind the Tiger was revealed to be Backyard Blitz host Jamie Durie on Sunday night’s broadcast!

Jamie was a popular choice for the man behind the mask when singing Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” with judge Chrissie Swan spotting him right away.

The judges of The Masked Singer also speculated that the person wearing the mask might be Paul Gascoigne or Gary Sweet.

With the Tiger doing the Charleston, all signs led to Durie, who had twice participated on Dancing with the Stars.

The Tiger also made references to Durie’s tenure as host of Backyard Blitz by saying that he spends “a lot of time in the back” and that they were “quite Manly” in reference to Durie’s home city of Manly.

“You have me. Chrissie, you had me from the beginning, didn’t you?” Before Mel B could recall where she had previously seen him, Jaimie giggled.

“You appeared on Oprah, I think. The attractive gardener was you “She spoke.

The Zombie

On Monday night, Emma Watkins, a former member of the Yellow Wiggle, was revealed as The Zombie.

When she performed Radiohead’s Creep for them, the judges were blown away and began to speculate about who might be hiding behind the mask.

Chrissie Swan seemed to be on a roll as she correctly identified the person hiding behind the mask the second night in a row.

Emma revealed herself and then made the unexpected revelation that she was “very anxious” to perform.

I grew up dancing, so the Wiggles were really the only group that taught me how to sing. I’ve always been quite shy in front of people, so the concept of this performance was ideal for me. In fact, she said, “I owe Zombie everything and I’m very grateful to her.

The Gnome

Fans who had never anticipated the star’s return to Channel Ten were gravely shocked when this season’s wild card participant was revealed on Tuesday night.

The voice of The Gnome was revealed to be Matt Preston, a surprising choice for the celebrity who previously served as a MasterChef judge on Ten before switching to the Seven Network.

In fact, while viewers on Channel Ten were entertained by his subpar singing, MKR fans got to see him co-host the program for the first time on Channel Seven.

Matt had a brief stint on the program, only appearing in one episode and singing The Monkees’ “I’m A Believer.”

Chrissie was the only judge to identify the celebrity wearing the mask correctly for a second time; this makes it three nights in a row that she has done so.

The Popcorn

The Popcorn’s identity was finally revealed in the episode that aired on Sunday night!

The 2008 hit song Black and Gold’s singer Sam Sparro won over the judges with his performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

“I can’t believe I answered correctly. You’re great. Sam, you’re just incredible “Mel B, who couldn’t hold back her joy after identifying the voice behind the mask, explained.

Sam revealed his identity and revealed the unexpected epiphany he had while appearing on the show, admitting that his performances had made him realize how much he loved making connections with people on stage.

“You know, as my life has evolved, I’ve come to realize that I’ve gotten more withdrawn. I’m older now, “He clarified.

“So kind of being able to hide, in the beginning it was fun, but then I realized how much I like connecting with people, being able to look them in the eye and see who I’m performing to,” the performer said.

The Blowfly

With Shannon Noll being revealed as the unmasked person on Monday night’s episode of The Blowfly, viewers’ fears were confirmed.

In a tweet that was soon removed last week, Channel 10 inadvertently declared that Nollsy was the person hiding behind the mask.

Many fans could tell that Shannon Noll was the voice behind the mask during the performance of Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name, and both Abbie Chatfield and Mel B correctly identified the celebrity.

Xavier Rudd and Grant Denyer were two other people who made identifications of the Blowfly.

After correctly predicting, elaborating, Abbie couldn’t contain her enthusiasm “I’m experiencing how I would have imagined feeling if you had won Australian Idol. Everything is going well for me!”

“I believe I will vomit. Another person speaks. I’m overjoyed!”

The Microphone

Fans of Destiny’s Child were pleasantly surprised to learn that Michelle Williams would be the ninth celebrity performer for Microphone!

The Microphone’s glitzy interpretation of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing couldn’t compete with Rooster’s clucking performance of Labrinth’s Beneath Your Beautiful.

Letoya Luckett, Michelle’s former Destiny’s Child bandmate, received Dave Hughes’ vote, while Cyndi Lauper, a singer, songwriter, and actress, received Dave Hughes’ vote.

Chrissie Swan knew for sure. Brandy, Mel B, and the R&B royalty Microphone nailed it by bringing in Michelle Williams.

Michelle responded, “It’s no secret I was engaged, and then it didn’t work out. That’s how I relate to Great Big World’s Say Something, the music behind my jaw-dropping performance in episode eight. Just those phrases come to mind. It hinted in some way at what I wanted to say. It was really similar to treatment. That is what music is capable of. This has been an incredible journey.

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