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Maya in EastEnders: Here’s where you recognise actress Bharti Patel from

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Fans of soap operas are accustomed to her voice and face!
Tonight, Maya Houssain shows up in EastEnders and instantly clicks with Harvey Monroe.

Harvey has been feeling a little lonely since Mitch and Rocky left Walford, so partner Jean has been pushing him to meet new people.

However, we’re not positive that Maya, another Tottenham Hotspur supporter, is who Jean intended!

Harvey runs into Maya, a cab rider, and they start talking about the Spurs.

When she returns to the Square the next day and gives him an old-fashioned football programme, he is happy. Jean is not happy, but the two happily discuss their favorite sport.

Who is Maya Houssain’s actor?

Bharti Patel plays the role of Maya.

Fans of soap operas will recognize her as a regular cast member of BBC’s Doctors.

She portrays Ruhma Hanif, a midwife and Heston Carter’s romantic interest. After getting married, Ruhma was devastated to learn of Heston’s death in an accident.

Doctors is still airing on our screens until December, and Bharti is still a member of the cast. The devoted fans of the soap opera are extremely disappointed that it has been canceled.

What else has Bharti been in?

Because Bharti has portrayed multiple characters in the BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers, fans of the show may also recognize her voice!

She also made appearances in the television dramas Don’t Forget the Driver, Ten Percent, and The Undeclared War.

Is Maya staying in EastEnders?

Maya is only appearing in the soap opera as a guest, according to EastEnders. That being said, she’ll be back next week.

Harvey asks Tommy’s assistance to find her online after she misplaces her phone number. However, on Tuesday, June 4, Maya shows up in Walford, furious with Harvey.

He shouldn’t have looked through her social media, she tells him. Harvey extends an apology and asks her out for a drink. When Maya says yes, they go to The Albert.

After that, Maya tells Harvey that her husband passed away a year ago. It’s obvious that the two have more in common than just football.

Harvey discovers that Maya has forgotten her hat as she departs later. He goes to her social media accounts once more and tells her he has it for her. But he discovers that her account has been removed.

Jean tries to cheer Harvey up when he gets depressed about not being able to contact her. She joins a football team for a boys’ night out. But will it make him feel better?

And what exactly is happening with that enigmatic Maya? Harvey, will you ever see her again? Or has she left forever now?

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