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Meet the contestants competing in The Amazing Race Australia 2022!

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Meet this year’s competitive crop of contestants! 

With 20 teams of two, The Amazing Race Australia 2022 is back!

In contrast to last season, the candidates will go to Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America during this one.The victor will get $250,000, the largest reward in the history of The Amazing Race Australia, in addition to two brand-new Isuzu vehicles, a D-MAX and a MU-X. Traveling remains challenging due to the coronavirus, and competitors will need to navigate a post-COVID environment, but this year’s team is prepared for everything.

Tiffany and Cynthia, WA

This aunt and niece team enjoys winning, but they also value friendly competition. They have spent their entire lives watching the show together, and they are eager to travel.

Tammy and Vincent, VIC/QLD

These two siblings, who were born in Australia and have Chinese ancestry, identify as coming from “a nerdy science household.” Together, the two have visited China, Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Stuart and Glennon, NT

The two pals, who have been friends for five years, were raised on the Tiwi Island and Elcho Island villages, respectively. Both of them are very competitive and strive for success in both their personal and professional life.

Sam and Stu, WA

Since kindergarten, these two had been best friends. Sam has achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism, and was born with it. They both enjoy being outside, going on trips, camping, and hiking.

Sam and Alex, SA

Sam and Alex are friends who met ten years ago at school and who both identify as LGBTQIA+. Sam works out less frequently than Alex and only when dancing is involved.

Paul and Rachel, VIC

Both of the mortgage brokers in this father and daughter team are prosperous. Since they have seen several seasons of the programme together, they may be able to plan ahead and prevail in the race.

Pako and Mori, NSW

They have been married for one year and have been together for ten years. Their different approaches to problems and personalities may help them win the contest.

Morgan and Lilli, QLD

Since they have been best friends for ten years, Morgan and Lilli have lived in over twenty shared apartments, held ten jobs together, and travelled to over one hundred cities.

Lauren and Steph, WA

These two have been partners for two years and are friends outside of their jobs as policewomen. Although they couldn’t be further apart, their dynamic works.

Kelly and Georgia, QLD

With activities like leaping off of aircraft, swimming with sharks, and climbing volcanoes, these newlyweds are all about adventure. Kelly and Georgia like travelling and make and upload YouTube videos about their adventures.

Kathy and Chace, NSW

Chase and Kathy are cousins who both work as lawyers. They identify as young, boundary-pushing Asian Australians. Together, the two have visited Vietnam and Europe.

Jodie and Claire, NSW

These two, who have been best friends for 15 years and are proud mothers, won international gold medals in dragon boating in New Zealand. They are not going to lose heart in a competition.

Jake and Holly, NSW

These two have experienced some challenging moments together despite just being together for three years. Jake’s caregiver during his recovery from his motorcycle accident and throat cancer diagnosis was Holly.

Heath and Toni, VIC

The very competitive couple is prepared to triumph. They both play competitive sports and go to the gym three to four times per week.

Fliss and Tottie, NSW

These rural girls had known each other since they were young. These girls aren’t used to the commotion of big cities, despite the fact that their practical abilities may be useful.

Flick and Gabby, VIC

Sisters and coworkers anticipate many arguments and clashes, but they are confident in their emotional and physical strength to handle it.

Crystal and Reem, NSW

For more than 14 years, these two had been the closest of friends. The fact that both Crystal and Reem speak Arabic well should offer them an advantage in The Race.

Bren and Anja, WA

The “vegan warriors” Bren and Anja first met during a protest for animal rights seven years ago. These two are out to show that you don’t have to be young, attractive, or in shape to compete.

Angel and Frankie, QLD

Angel and Frankie became friends at church where they first met. Despite the fact that neither participant has ever been abroad, the pair is sure they can overcome any challenge.

Chelsea and Jamus, QLD

The two children are involved with the “spice” and “sweetner,” as Chelsea would put it. They are hopeful that their various strategies will enable them to prevail in The Race.

Chelsea and Jamus

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