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Missing person, dangerous games and unexpected heartbreak: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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This week on Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) quickly becomes concerned for Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) safety when she doesn’t return home as planned – and he can’t get through to her on the phone.

When Irene (Lynne McGranger) also struggles to make contact with her, and a full day goes by, Cash takes the plunge and reports her as a missing person.

When Chloe (Sam Barrett) phones Theo (Matt Evans) from New Zealand and informs him that they are through, Theo is struck speechless. Fortunately, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) is with him when he hears the news, and she advises turning his sorrow into a songwriting session. Is there a spark between the two as they collaborate to make beautiful music?

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week starting on Monday, September 5.

Cash fears the worst and reports Jasmine missing

Cash is eager for Jasmine to return from the farm because he has planned a romantic evening in which he intends to pop the question. He is, however, left pacing in his suit and holding the chilled champagne. She is missing. Cash starts to worry that she’s in trouble when she won’t return any of his calls.

Radio silence results despite Irene’s attempts to contact someone. The two decide to wait a little longer, but after more than a day passes without Jasmine responding to their calls or texts, Cash believes it’s time to file a missing person report.

Theo and Kirby bond after an unexpected heartbreak

Theo’s world has been turned upside down since taking over as Lyrik’s lead singer, but the experience has been marred by the absence of his love Chloe. He tries to contact her, but she has vanished without providing an explanation. Without her, he completes his first performance and gets ready for band practise the following day with Kirby. Then Chloe calls, but she has horrible news to deliver to him. After being left speechless, Kirby counsels him to channel his suffering into songwriting, and the two immediately start crafting an epic new song. Is a new relationship in the works? There’s a spark between the two.

Justin is dismayed to discover Theo could be on the road for months

After seeing Theo perform with Lyrik at Salt, Justin has developed a newfound sense of stage parent pride. He and Leah are moved by his singing and acknowledge that Theo has discovered his true calling in life. But Justin’s illusion is shattered when he overhears Eden and Remy discussing their planned shows the following day—it seems like they’ll be travelling for months! In addition to missing Theo, Justin will also have a hard time finishing his apprenticeship given this major new commitment.

Xander can’t stop his impulsive behaviour as his trauma continues

After revealing that he has been having trouble dealing with the trauma he experiences while working as a paramedic, Xander recently decided to seek counselling. On the suggestion of his counsellor, who claims that exercise can improve his mental health, he goes to the gym. Cash is encouraging and demonstrates the ropes for him, but it quickly becomes apparent that working out won’t be enough to ease his problems. Later, Xander’s recollections of the tragedy still plague him, and he can’t help but revert to his old coping strategies, asking his tattoo artist to visit the apartment late that night to give him another impromptu tattoo.

Rose plays a dangerous game with Tex after discovering the truth

Rose has been perplexed by Tex’s abrupt absence, and the issue only gets stranger when she finds out that he abruptly quit his job at the caravan park without giving any notice. She remembers Tane warned her about him and decides to locate him again as she starts to piece things together. What does he know that she doesn’t that she expects answers to? Eventually, Tex shows up again, and Rose makes the decision to look up his licence plate. She later learns his real name and his connections to the bikers. She acts as though nothing is wrong and thinks rapidly, but what is she really planning?

Alf helps a stir-crazy Roo to find her passion again

After completing her recovery from the kidney transplant surgery and arriving back in the Bay after spending some time in Merimbula, Roo has found herself with a lot of free time. Marilyn offers recommendations for pastimes she can take on, but Roo wants to pursue something more significant.

Marilyn makes an effort to persuade her to take in a few quiet days by preparing a picnic hamper for her to eat lunch and read on the beach, but Roo soon starts to get restless. Alf suggests his daughter return to teaching as she enjoyed the work after observing her difficulties. Roo becomes inspired and decides she won’t work in a classroom again, but she has something different in mind.

Bella reveals she’s never returning to the Bay

When the motorcycle gang starts targeting Tane and the Parata family, Nikau breaks up with Bella and tells her not to return. He had been patiently waiting for Bella to return home after she left for a three-month work assignment in New York. When Bella tells Mackenzie the news, she is astounded, and when Dean learns of it, he rushes to ask Nikau what he is up to. But Nikau stubbornly tells Dean to mind his own business and refuses to say why he dumped Bella. Later, when Dean phones Bella to check on her, he finds out that she has no intention of ever returning to the Bay.

Tane is captured after breaking into bike headquarters

Rose decides enough is enough and confronts Tane after learning Tex’s real name and his connections to biker gangs. She won’t go until he fully discloses his knowledge to her. Rose asks Tane if he would be prepared to go undercover even though she can’t guarantee his safety after Tane uncovers the money laundering schemes Tex and Marty are running. Later that day, we witness Tane being brought up to Marty by bikie headquarters security after pledging to do whatever it takes. Where is Tane going?

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