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Molly Rainford of Strictly’snubs’ Bobby Brazier because she won’t back him in winning.

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On Wednesday, Molly Rainford discussed the most recent season of Strictly Come Dancing with Lorraine Kelly.

When Molly Rainford, a former contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, admitted she wasn’t rooting for Bobby Brazier to win the 2023 competition, she snubbed her EastEnders co-star.

Last year, Carlos Gu and Molly were matched, and Molly declared herself to be a member of “Team Gu” to Lorraine Kelly.

Bobby Brazier is on Strictly, so of course you work with him, but your heart is somewhere else, Lorraine said.

Sheepishly, Molly retorted, “I mean, obviously, I’ve got to support the cast mates, but I am Team Gu forever now.”

“Of course you are,” Lorraine said. Why? “Because you danced with him.”

She continued, “I kind of feel like his partner is my partner.”

Carlos, a professional dancer, will be paired with Angela Scanlon for the Strictly 2023 season.

The ITV host questioned whether it was odd to see him dance with another person.

Molly said, “It is, but I am actually so excited, and I can’t wait to see what they do together.”

On Saturday night, Bobby and Dianne Buswell will formally make their debut together.

The EastEnders star and a dancer made an additional appearance on This Morning on Wednesday to discuss their impending performance.

Speaking with Holly Willoughby and Dermot O’Leary, Bobby displayed uncertainty regarding his debut dance performance.

“This weekend…the big first live show…what can you…are you allowed to tell us anything?” Holly questioned. Has anything been made public?

Bobby made a joke as the host questioned the celebrity about the type of dance, “I think it’s either going to go really well or really badly,” he said.

Dianne added, “He just knows one style right now. “What we’ve got to work with.

“But Bobby looks great in that particular style.”

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