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Neighbours cast’s next jobs – Toadie could fly your plane to real medical job

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Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours – but did you know that one of the beloved soap’s biggest stars could potentially be piloting your next holiday flight?

After the adored Australian soap opera ended last month, fans of Neighbours have been left wondering what will happen to the cast. As it turns out, quite a lot.

On July 29, 2022, the long-running soap opera’s farewell episode aired, and many familiar names, including Guy Pierce’s Mike Young, Kylie Minogue, and Jason Donovan as Scott and Charlene Robinson, made a surprise appearance.

When the Neighbours Farewell Tour comes to the UK in 2023, fans will be thrilled to see several members of the group in person, but it has left viewers wondering what comes next for them.The Daily Star decided to explore more closely at what the group would do next after big stars like Toadie actor Ryan Maloney and Alan Fletcher from Karl Kennedy hinted at their future career intentions.

Toadie actor could fly your plane

Did you know that Ryan Maloney’s role as Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours quickly won him over the hearts of the audience?

The actor claimed that he had always wanted to be a pilot and that, had he not chosen to pursue acting, he would have joined the Australian Air Force.

He reportedly started taking flying lessons during downtime while filming Neighbours with the intention of eventually working as a commercial pilot.

On This Morning, when discussing his passion, he said: “I already hold a pilot’s license, and I’m currently applying for a commercial one. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot, so eventually that’s what I’d like to do!”

Since then, he has also stated that he thinks his wife Alison Hayward will be his first customer; nonetheless, Toadie may someday fly you on your vacation.

Ryan hasn’t said whether he would pursue this career full-time, but he has hinted at a different career path he might choose.

He confirmed to Daily Telegraph Australia that he is pursuing a course in engineering and construction, saying: “Nothing is being ruled out. My civil construction course involves operating excavators and constructing roads.”

Added him: “I enjoy using those kinds of devices for pleasure. I enjoy performing earthworks and other manual labor-intensive tasks. That’s where I am right now, but who knows how it will all turn out.”

Ryan said in a conversation with GB News that acting will always be a vocation he would chose, despite the possibility of career paths in both commercial aviation and construction.

He stated, “I’d love to do more acting, more TV and film.”

“I would want to visit the UK and attempt one of your dramas. That would be truly unique.”

Karl Kennedy star could be your real life doctor

A medical emergency or two were not unfamiliar to Neighbors; who did they call in their hour of need? none other than Karl Kennedy, everyone’s favorite physician.

Despite having a successful acting career and his own rock band, Karl actor Alan recently disclosed that he is thinking about becoming a doctor.

Alan commented, “Now that Neighbours is over, I’m thinking about genuinely going into medicine,” in an interview with Magic Radio.

Being treated by Karl Kennedy himself in that case would undoubtedly be strange.

Paul Robinson star semi-retiring

Janet Street-Porter, a panelist on Loose Women, visited the set of Neighbours before its last episodes, which aired at the end of July, to speak with the cast.
In a conversation with Paul Robinson actor Stefan Dennis, the actor admitted he was “still numb” at the show’s cancellation and hinted at his future plans.
He backed down from saying that he was “semi-retiring” from acting, but he continued by saying that he was “leaving myself available to any jobs that may be forthcoming.”
Not only that, but he also admitted he was not very interested in returning to the music industry after his Top 20 UK song Make You Feel Good in 1989.If I were to release a record right now, I would be lounging by the fire in my pajamas, he laughed.

Jemma Donovan’s ‘dream role’

After hearing that Neighbours was being cancelled, Jemma Donovan, who plays Harlow Robinson, spoke candidly about the next phase of her career.

She discussed the position she would love to take on next in an interview with Digital Spy after becoming famous on Erinsborough High and getting her Neighbours part.

My current objective is to be in a historical drama, stated Jemma.

“I would adore doing it. It would also transport me back home, which I believe would be wonderful. I haven’t carried out anything like yet.”

Additionally, she is eager to continue performing for the rest of her life, she continues: “Therefore, it makes no difference to me as long as I continue to do what I love for the rest of my life.

“as long as I’m content myself.

Because I tend to wing everything in life, I’ll also “play it by ear” and decide what I want to accomplish each day.

Susan and Karl could take over EastEnders pub

We can all agree that Karl and Susan Kennedy were essential to the success of Neighbours, and many viewers would like to follow their story on another soap opera.

Fans flocked to social media to plead with the EastEnders producers to include Susan and Karl after actor Alan Fletcher uploaded a cute photo of Karl visiting the site.

One person said: “They dropped a trick with this. You must bring some cheer to the place.”

“There’s a new GP surgery that’s opened in the square… Karl and Susan emigrating, you say?” the second person chimed in.

A third person said, “That would make me watch EastEnders again,” while a fourth person added, “You and Susan might have been the new owners after Danny Dyer left.”

It would be an interesting episode to see if Susan told Phil Mitchell to “get out of my pub.”

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