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Neighbours lines up life-or-death drama for Amy Greenwood

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Character from Neighbours As she is brought to the hospital, Amy Greenwood’s life hangs in the balance.

During a fierce argument with her daughter Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke), Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) is badly hurt, and the teenager must wait to discover if her mother will survive.

Amy is still healing from the injuries she experienced during the storm in upcoming scenes on Channel 5 and 10 Peach.

Amy becomes upset when she learns she’ll be out of a job as a result of the Flamingo Bar’s damage, and she wonders about how she’ll sustain herself and Zara financially.

She makes an impulsive and expensive purchase while job hunting in order to start a new business, but she suffers from buyer’s remorse.

Meanwhile, Zara begins her freshman year at Erinsborough High, but she quickly becomes dissatisfied after getting into conflict with the teachers over her uniform and having an unpleasant interaction with a couple of mean girls.

When Zara discovery of Amy’s business intentions, she becomes even more enraged, and she resolves to lash out by purposefully causing mayhem at the school, setting off the fire alarm in front of Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

Amy is taken aback when she learns of the occurrence and becomes enraged with her daughter. When she hears that Zara did what she did to seek Amy’s attention, she softens.

Amy and Zara reconcile, but it’s not long before they have another fight — this time with far more dangerous ramifications.

Zara storms off, pushing her mother, who is still recovering from her injuries. Amy is in excruciating pain and collapses to the ground. Amy begs Zara for assistance, but she refuses since she doesn’t believe her mother is badly hurt.

Amy is having trouble breathing and is unable to summon assistance. Ned Willis eventually locates her (Ben Hall).

Zara and Ned are among those who wait all night at the hospital when Amy is brought to the hospital, unsure if Amy will survive. Zara is similarly torn between shame and remorse for abandoning her mother.

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