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Neighbours spoilers: Amy caught in sex act by daughter

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Walking in on your parents having sex is one of the most humiliating and nausea-inducing experiences a child can have. Nothing comes close to matching that. Amy, on the other hand, says, “Hold my beer.”

When Amy’s daughter Zara (Jacinta Stapleton) comes to visit, she gets a lot more than just a reunion with her mother.

Ned (Ben Hall) decides that he wants his poly relationship to return to its former glory, so he begins to put in the work. He sets out to find Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Levi (Richie Morris) in order to get things back on track, but when he does, these horndogs can’t keep their talk clean, and it quickly devolves into Amy relating a steamy dream.

Fast forward and these three end up in bed together.

But, while they’re having a great time in each other’s company, they’re going to be rudely interrupted – by Amy’s daughter Zara, no less.

Zara is the most appalled of all those involved. It’s an all-around abomination. In an attempt to repair her relationship with her daughter, Amy tells Zara that Ned and Levi are simply pals (that old chestnut, ‘oh they were just resting their eyes in my bed’).

She’s so determined to make things right that her romantic relationships go straight on the back burner. But can she afford to yo yo with them once again?

Amy wants to keep the whole ‘poly’ thing to herself as well, but when she realizes the secret might find its way back to Zara in some other way, she decides to speak clean. Zara takes the news about her mother sleeping with two men at the same time with stride, but how far will Amy go to salvage her marriage?

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