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Neighbours stars tease 2022 storylines and spoilers

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The cast of Neighbours has been using social media over the last two weeks to tease what’s coming up when the program returns in January.

The UK Twitter account – @NeighboursTV – has posted a number of videos, featuring the actors behind Mackenzie, Hendrix, Leo, Britney, Amy, and Roxy discussing what their characters will be getting up to when the show returns next week.

Almost every video mentions Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) and Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) planned wedding, which is likely to take Erinsborough by storm when the big day arrives in just a few weeks.

The group appears to be dressed in the same clothing as they will be in the major episode, which we know will end in disaster when a storm hits the area!

“Tears, laughter, and heartbreak” for Hendrix?

“What’s to come for Hendrix in 2022?” asks Benny, the actor behind Hendrix Greyson.

“There is a new teen coming to the show, and Hendrix finds himself in a role of a bit of a mentor.”

Amy’s daughter Zara, played by Freya Van Dyke, is the kid he’s referring to. In the second episode of the new year, on Tuesday, January 4th, she arrives in Erinsborough and causes quite a stir when she interrupts her mother in bed with Ned (Ben Hall) and Levi (Richie Morris).

Zara is going to be upset about her mother’s new relationship since she thinks it will leave Amy with little time for her. Hendrix has lots of practice in this area, having had a falling out with Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) when he first arrived in Erinsborough:

“When I moved here to live with my dad, I didn’t want my new step mum getting in the way,” Hendrix explains to the newcomer. “I kind of fell in love with her … they ended up getting a divorce.”

Hendrix and Chloe get along better than ever now that Chloe and Pierce are divorced. Will Zara accept Hendrix’s advice and spend more time getting to know Amy’s two boyfriends? I’m hoping to avoid falling in love with either of them…

In the clip, newbie Zara gets a job at Harold’s, implying that she’ll be sticking around to get to know her mother.

Benny also hints that there’s much emotion coming our way next year – “there will be tears, there will be laughter, there’ll be heartbreak” – before a shot of Harlow seemingly nonplussed about Kyle’s cancer diagnosis.

Will Harlow be the cause of tears or heartbreak when the inhabitants of Ramsay Street begin to think that she is following in her father’s footsteps?

Could the tears come in the form of a breakup?

“Will Hendrix and Mackenzie stay together?” Benny asks.

Will the imminent calamity drive the loved-up teenagers apart, with many predicting that Hendrix may be the fatality slated to shock Erinsborough early in the new year?

“Disaster” strikes Leo and Britney?

“So, what’s coming up for Britney and Leo in 2022?” asks Tim Kano, who plays Leo.

Before a scene of Leo at Paul’s Lassiter’s luxury apartment, when he asks Britney to be his plus one to the wedding, he continues, “There’s a wedding.”

Then, both Tim and Montana Cox, who plays Britney, add in unison – “disaster!”

While the couple appears to be in love in the trailer, it appears that things will be difficult for the recently reunited parents. In another clip from the social media video, Leo and Nicolette are seen discussing, with Nic exclaiming, “You two are going to make the perfect couple the second time around!”

However, it seems that romance isn’t on Leo’s mind, as he asks with a scowl, “sorry, what?”

Again in unison, the actors hint that “babies” will play a big part in the pair’s 2022, before a clip of the two at the Flamingo Bar, presumably at the wedding reception.

Referring to their budding relationship, Montana asks, “will we make it work?”, to which Tim replies, “I hope so!”

Will they be the trendiest pair in Erinsborough in 2022? It’s only a matter of time…

“Heartbreak” and “very hard times” for Roxy

“All right, so what’s in store for Roxy in the year 2022?” Since her arrival in Erinsborough in 2019, Zima Anderson has played Roxy Willis.

“Wait, did I just hear wedding bells?” “Wait, did I just hear wedding bells?” With a grin on her face, she inquires. “I believe I did.”

While the recent Neighbours 2022 trailer appears to show that the couple will make it to the altar, catastrophe appears to be on the way. In the new year, Zima predicts “heartbreak” and “extremely difficult times.”

“Roxy and Harlow’s friendship may never be the same!” Zima says of Harlow’s new personality change, which may present complications before their big day.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t come to the wedding,” Roxy advises Harlow in a preview of upcoming episodes. Harlow reacts with “are you serious?” with a disgusted look on her face as if she still can’t understand that she’s pushing people away.

“Some of Roxy’s family members come by,” Zima says, before showing a video of Roxy with her mother Gemma, who is expected to arrive in the first week of the new year.

Roxy’s wedding plans appear to be offending Gemma (Beth Buchanan).

Roxy tells her mother, “I want to spend the rest of my life with him,” but she makes her feelings known when she warns her daughter, “You’re going to regret it.”

Amy’s relationship future questioned

Amy Greenwood has only been back on Ramsay Street for a year, having first appeared in December 2020 after a two-decade absence, but she’s already created a stir.

She rapidly became friends with Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan), and the two began dating soon after his divorce from Dipi (Sharon Johal). Shane, on the other hand, ended things soon after when he reconnected with his wife and the two of them moved for a new start in Sydney.

When Amy couldn’t decide between them, Ned suggested they create a polyamorous relationship, in which Amy would have two partners, each of whom would be exclusively hers, and this relationship dominated the second half of 2021.

Despite their ups and downs, they’re off to a fantastic start in 2022, with Ned firmly committed to their unorthodox partnership. However, a new individual is about to throw a wrench in the works.

“What’s coming up for Amy is that one of her three children comes to Erinsborough,” Jacinta Stapleton teases.

“Well, Amy’s been enjoying her polyamorous relationship,” Jacinta continues. “But there is a bit of heartbreak on the way. Who will it be?”

Amy discloses to the boys the dream she had just a few weeks ago in the return episode, which airs Monday 3rd January in the UK and Australia.

As the three take a drink on the sofa in Amy’s Lassiter’s flat, Ned asks, “You dreamed we had a threesome?” Levi bursts up with laughter, and he appears far more amused than disgusted by the concept. Is Amy’s wish to become a reality?

However, she also suggests that there’s trouble ahead, as she ponders: “Will Amy, Levi, and Ned stay together? It’s anyone’s guess.”

Jacinta also mentions the impending storm that will ruin Kyle and Roxy’s wedding. Another fresh film shows Ned playing the role of wedding photographer as Amy invites him to join her on the dance floor.

“So we’re all there celebrating this beautiful wedding and then tragedy strikes.”

“Friendship tested” for Mackenzie

“So, what’s in store for Mackenzie in 2022?” Georgie Stone, the actress who plays Mackenzie Hargreaves, wonders.

“You’ll see Mackenzie participate in the wedding coming up,” she teases, as we watch Roxy ask her to be her bridesmaid in the video.

However, according to fresh spoilers, Mackenzie may not be Roxy’s first option, as both Harlow and Terese have turned her down.

“Mackenzie’s relationship with Harlow is tested,” she adds, as a clip shows Harlow explaining that she’s hiding away in the Flamingo bar so that people stay off her back.

“People, as in me?” asks Mackenzie, still confused as to why her former best friend is giving her the cold shoulder. Is Harlow set to come between Mackenzie and her boyfriend in 2022?

“Mackenzie and Hendrix’s relationship, you know, are they going to stay together? Is anything going to happen?”

“Well, my friends, you’re just going to have to watch Neighbours to find out.”

We’ll certainly be watching!

Neighbours returns to UK and Australian screens on Monday 3rd January.

In the UK, the show returns at 2:30pm and 6pm on Channel 5, before the afternoon showing returns to its usual 1:45pm slot from Tuesday 4th January. In Australia, Neighbours airs at 6pm Monday–Thursday on 10 Peach.

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