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Newly resurfaced footage of John Farnham stuns fans as they discover he once starred on Home and Away – as the legendary singer recovers after mouth cancer surgery

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When it was announced on Thursday that John Farnham had starred in a two-episode Home and Away special in 1988, he was spotted in a flashback video.
In episodes 186 and 187, the British-born singer, 73, who was a 1970s teen music idol, played himself.
The official Home and Away Instagram page shared a picture of John and Kate Ritchie when she was a young child working behind the scenes.

“Sally was pretty stoked when this familiar face rocked up in the Bay,” the post read. ‘

John was dapper in the picture wearing pants, a maroon dress shirt, and a black sports jacket.

In the meantime, Kate, 44, who would have been 10 at the time, had a great grin on her face and was wearing pink robe over white patterned pyjamas as John pretended to autograph some CDs for her.

In the episodes, Sally Fletcher, played by Kate, who missed the singer’s concert because she had chickenpox, was visited by the You’re the Voice singer at her home.

Before “he was recruited by Pippa [Debra Lawrance] to help local nutty Walter Bertram be accepted in society,” John gave a special performance for Sally.

It happens while the lead singer of Little River Band recovers in an intensive care unit and is likely to have a tube put into his windpipe.

He had severe oral cancer surgery recently out of concern that he might never perform again.

After hearing from his family that he had received a cancer diagnosis on Tuesday, John spent 11 and a half hours under the knife to have a tumour from his mouth removed.

The singer had to have part of his jaw removed during the procedure, which began at 8 a.m. on the same day and was successfully finished about 7 p.m.

After the operation, which was performed by a medical army of 26, he is currently stable in the ICU.

John must now go through a lengthy process of recuperation, which includes relearn how to eat and drink.

The star will be given a tube to go down his throat, Sydney radio producers have been informed. Many have speculated that the star will need to refrain from speaking, eating, and singing for at least a few months.

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