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Old Home and Away episodes now streaming on 7PLUS

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Home and Away fans rejoice, 7Plus is now home to every single episode of the classic Aussie drama!

Longtime viewers will be able to travel back in time to Summer Bay from the first episode in 1988 to the present and relive their favourite characters, revisit shocking stories, and rediscover their love for the long-running show.

The statement was made after this year’s dramatic Home and Away finale in an email to 7 Plus members asking them to “remain in Summer Bay this summer” while they wait for the release of brand-new episodes in 2023.

In this years season finale, Felicity wasn’t sure she could make it down the aisle on her wedding day…. IMAGE: Channel 7

”You can get your Home and Away fix this summer and watch the most iconic episodes, starting right back at the beginning with the 1988 pilot!

”We have handpicked the most memorable episodes including births, deaths, weddings and tragedies – such as the epic 2022 bus crash and the great storm of 2011.”

The episodes reportedly include Kit giving birth to Archie and Leah and Vinnie’s wedding.
There are plenty of episodes to catch up on, but why not start your binge right away?

The show has more than 8,000 episodes under its belt from more than 35 seasons over more than 35 years.
The digital platform for the Australian network, 7Plus, has a dedicated “fast channel” for network dramas like All Saints and Blue Heelers as well as a large back catalogue of Australian dramas.

At the network’s yearly “Upfronts” event earlier this year, Seven made the announcement that more than 2000 hours of new content would be added to the 7Plus on demand library, calling it a “fundamental game changer” for the network.

The streaming service is also being updated to provide a user-friendly experience comparable to that of Disney Plus and Netflix.

After this week’s cliffhanger finale, a brand-new season of Home and Away will start airing in Australia on January 9.

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