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Paul Foreman from Coronation Street becomes aggressive as the funeral goes chaotic

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Viewers of Coronation Street witnessed Paul Foreman and Shelly Rossington become friends at a support group for people with motor neuron illness.

In upcoming scenes, Peter Ash’s Paul Foreman from Coronation Street will succumb to his rage.

Paul had become close to Shelly Rossington (Natalie Amber), a new acquaintance whose MND condition was more advanced than his, since they had first met at a support group.

When Paul couldn’t get up after a tumble last week, he reluctantly decided to use his wheelchair.

He took the decision to call Shelly after being surprised by how hospitable the Weatherfield inhabitants made him feel about the new adjustment.

After Shelly’s caretaker said she couldn’t locate a pulse and thought Shelly had passed away in her sleep, he learned paramedics were at her apartment but was ignorant of it.

Since that time, he has been assisting George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) and Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) with organizing the funeral for his friend.

Even if it appears that the day doesn’t go as planned, there will be drama, according to official ITV soap opera spoilers.

In scenes that will appear the next week, Billy begins to officiate Shelly’s funeral while Paul offers a few words in memory of his deceased buddy.

Her brother Kieran, on the other hand, objects vehemently when he stands to begin speaking.

Kieran receives criticism from Paul for failing to help Shelly when she needed it most as she was dying.

As a result of Kireran’s anger at the circumstance and Paul’s remarks, a fight breaks out between the two men.

Billy gets in the way, and Paul unintentionally strikes him in the face, making an already terrible situation even worse.

When Paul realizes what he’s just done to Billy, how will he respond? And if he makes a scene at the funeral, will he be kicked out?

As Paul Winter’s mother Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) was aiding Shelly in a fraud plot before she passed away, it appears that this is not the only crisis involving Shelly.

While being interrogated by the police, Bernie remains silent and explains to the officers that all she was doing was collecting a few packages for a young MND patient.

Bernie, meanwhile, was well aware that Shelly had been purchasing laptops with her previous employer’s credit card and then selling them to be able to pay for her caregivers.

Now that Shelly has left, may Bernie get into legal trouble?

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