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Ryan Connor from Coronation Street strikes up a romance with an unlikely local

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Ryan Connor, a resident of Coronation Street, was recently exposed for his covert online sex activities after one of his subscribers learned who he was and sold screenshots to the neighborhood paper.

After leaving Carla Connor’s (Alison King) apartment, Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) of Coronation Street might decide to move on from Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

In the episode that aired on Monday night, Ryan and Carla got into a heated argument after his online sex work came to light and she told his mother about it.

Ryan eventually decided to vacate the apartment he shared with Carla and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) as Carla was unimpressed and disapproved of his behavior.

He may end up developing feelings for Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), with whom he was found flat-hunting tonight.

Lauren seen Ryan in Roy’s Rolls and decided it would be a good idea to offer her house as a flatshare.

“You looking for a flat, are you?” she questioned Ryan. she casually wiped off the table in front of him.

She immediately interjected after he said, “Something like that,” “Well, as it goes, I actually know one that is going, well, a room in one anyway.”

Ryan was confused when Lauren revealed that the apartment was hers when he inquired about whose flat was available for rent.

You mean your parents’, he joked. It would just be strange, considering your age—15, I suppose.

Lauren’s response was defensive: “I’m not a loser, I mean mine! Not that it matters to you, but I am 20 as it stands.Are you planning to watch it or not? prior to disclosing that it was in the precinct.

Ryan wasn’t sure, but he agreed to at least check around before telling Lauren he would be joining her after her shift.

Later, after looking around the compact apartment and worrying about the heating, he made the decision to move in once Lauren revealed the low rent.

The two were calming down in the living room on their first night as roommates when Lauren utilized a magazine quiz to ask Ryan if he had ever had a gay experience.

The topic of Ryan’s recent confession of his involvement in sex work quickly came up, and Lauren said she didn’t care.

Before returning to her magazine, she cast him a wistful glance. Could this be the first of many romantic evenings they have that spark an unusual romance?

Will Lauren’s relationship with Max Turner (Paddy Beaver) and rough history make Ryan learn to like her?

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