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Ryan faces significant drama in Emmerdale following a game-changing discovery.

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When Ryan Stocks (James Moore) learned that he is the father of a young boy named Oscar, it completely upended his world in the recent episode of Emmerdale.

His girlfriend Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis), who had been receiving enigmatic phone calls, planned to meet Sophie (Martha Cope) at the allotment as a result.

Gail’s secret son Oscar has a sort of cancer, and his adoptive mother, Sophie, revealed that Oscar needed a stem cell transfusion as part of his treatment.

Sophie suggested Ryan get checked as well and wanted Gail to have a test to see if she might assist Oscar.

Gail last appeared to us in 2019, during the brief period of time she and Ryan were dating. They were pals before this as well.

This year, when Gail unexpectedly returned to Emmerdale, Ryan was a little perplexed as to what had prompted her to get in touch.

Ryan was astonished and felt betrayed when he learned that Gail had kept Oscar’s existence hidden from him after she returned to his life.

In forthcoming episodes, he will continue to struggle with the realization that he is a father but that Gail has kept him from being involved in his son’s life up until this point.

Gail makes the case to Ryan that he should concentrate on the fact that Oscar needs help right now and that, if Ryan is a match for his kid, he could be able to provide him with the stem cell transplant.

Ryan eventually decides to help despite his initial rejection, though it is obvious that he won’t be pardoning Gail any time soon. Will they be able to resolve this issue cooperatively?

Or does this mean the pair’s journey is over?

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