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Sam Frost reveals she threw up so violently she wet herself then BLAMED her fiancé ‘like it was his fault’ as she opens up about her pregnancy

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Sam Frost has spoken candidly about her pregnancy, admitting that her morning sickness was so bad that she had to wet herself.

The 33-year-old ex-Home and Away star shared a humorous TikTok video on Tuesday that featured her first 17 weeks of pregnancy.

She expressed her gratitude to her fiancé Jordie Hansen for making her feel ‘very loved, supported, and still se*y’ in spite of her uncomfortable symptoms.

Sam Frost has opened up about her pregnancy experience, revealing she’s been struggling with such severe morning sickness that she wet herself

She was seen in the video posing while wearing a Super Mario Bros. T-shirt as text bubbles outlining her pregnancy problems appeared all around her.

She added, “Yesterday I vomited up so much I also wet my pants,” before acknowledging, “It wasn’t the first time.”

I sobbed on the bathroom floor while covered in my own poop and vomit, she continued. Then, as if it were his fault, I yelled at my partner.

He replied by getting me Red Rooster, giving me a hug, and telling me I did a fantastic job raising our newborn boy.

Fun pregnant facts no one tells you about, she said in the caption.

The former Home and Away star, 33, documented her first 17 weeks of pregnancy in a lighthearted TikTok video on Tuesday

Despite some very unsexy things occuring to me, Jordie Hansen always makes me feel tremendously loved, supported, and still quite seductive.

After only five months of dating, Sam, a former Bachelorette, got engaged to her Survivor star fiancé in May.

When a picture of her wearing a ring on her wedding finger at a hens’ party went viral on social media, she had previously fuelled engagement rumours.

The former soap opera star further clarified their decision not to purchase a diamond.

She wears an opal ring with what looks to be two other valuable stones flanking it in a gold band setting.

It is a Coober Pedy opal, I believe. I’m not a big fan of diamonds. I’ve always enjoyed distinctive jewellery, and I love gemstones and crystals,” Sam added.

The pregnant actress, 33, turned heads in a low-cut floral dress and pink heels. Her fiancé Jordie Hansen (left) looked dapper by her side in a white shirt and checkered tan pants

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