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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: GH’s Adam Huss – Man’s Best Friend

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What could be better than hiking in sunny Los Angeles? A hike with your best friend is even better, says General Hospital actor Adam Huss, and it can also be healthier and more calming. For our Wellness Wednesday feature, the actor recently spoke with Soap Hub about hiking with his best friend in the entire world, his dog Sawyer.

Adam Huss: The Adventures of Adam & Sawyer

Huss, a proud dog owner, tells Soap Hub that he has had Sawyer his entire life. “He’s 11 1/2, and he’s always had this fantastic puppy energy. He must not slow down, in my opinion. I welcome it and adore his vivacity.

Huss thanks Sawyer, a Dachshund and Labrador mix, for guiding him out the door if he’s ever hesitant to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. The actor says with a smile, “He definitely motivates me. “I accept it. He inspires me. Topanga and Malibu trails are among Huss’s favorite places to hike. “I’d sometimes sit after going on a hike, and deer would come out,” he claims. I’m going to bring a journal. It’s deeply soul-satisfying.

Preparation Is Key

Huss doesn’t just practice for his acting roles; he also makes sure to go through a checklist before joining Sawyer on an adventure. “You want to wear running shoes with treads on them,” he advises. “Those are essential. I always bring a large jug of water for Sawyer and myself. His has a cap with a small bowl on it.

In addition, Huss brings extra doggie bags, Trader Joe’s nuts, and protein bars for after a hike. The actor adds, “I also always let someone know where I’m going. “You can’t always have phone service on hikes, so it’s good that someone will know where you are if you aren’t back by nightfall.” Some of the paths offer views of the ocean.

Adam Huss: Setting an Intention

Huss claims that there is a “intention circle” along one trail that has been there for a very, very long time. He says, “You can consider your intention as you walk through.” “It can be an intention for your life, the week, the day, or about something that’s upsetting you, your job, or your health.”

As they pass through the circle, hikers occasionally leave mementos behind. “People have left tiny mementos like writings, crystals, or totems. You take something if you feel inclined to. You are welcome to leave something if you choose.

Look, Up in the Sky!

“People say, ‘We don’t deserve dogs,’ which is so true,” says Sawyer, who also mentions his canine friend, Sawyer is empathetic. He prompts me to pause and have some fun. He’ll give me that face when I look at him, so I’ll stop and play for ten minutes.

Huss always makes sure Sawyer has access to a “Krypto cape” when he has dressed up as Superman for Halloween or a costume party. The actor claims, “I have always loved Superman.” “I am aware of his principles. I saw this framed photograph before I ever got Sawyer. It features Superboy, who is on a farm with a bat and Krypto flying above him.In order to catch the ball in the air, he is waiting for the ball to be hit. I show Sawyer that image. He wags his tail every time I tell him we’re going on an adventure. While we’re traveling, he’ll be in a trance. That brightens my day.

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