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Spoilers for Coronation Street: Paul’s heartbreaking request for a wedding will make you cry

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Following his diagnosis with motor neurone disease earlier this year, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is scheduled to marry archdeacon Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) in upcoming Coronation Street scenes.

After losing control of his hand, Paul discovered he had the illness, but at first he tried to hide the news to himself.

The judge revealed his health status in front of Billy, who was distraught at having been kept in the dark, just before he was scheduled to appear in court for larceny.

Despite a few hitches in their relationship in recent months, Paul and Billy decided to get married after realizing they wouldn’t have as much time together as they had thought.

Paul will request a special favor from Bernie and Gemma (Jane Hazlegrove and Dolly-Rose Campbell) in subsequent scenes.

Paul now finds it difficult to walk due to the progression of his MND and has started using a wheelchair.

He begs Bernie and Gemma to do the honors and support him as he walks down the aisle, but he is adamant that he will be escorted on his wedding day.

Billy and Paul have no choice but to have a civil wedding since they are unable to get married in a church due to their sexual orientation.

Up until they attend a meeting with the registrar, the couple is still excited about their big day.

One of the details they need to finalize as they discuss their wedding arrangements is the music they intend to play. Sadly, this is when things start to become worse.

When Paul learns that they cannot use religious music at a civil service, he is devastated. Paul begs that the song “Oh Happy Day” be played as their departure music.

Will he still be able to enjoy their big day despite having a civil service, knowing how much Billy values his faith?

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