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Spoilers for EastEnders: Terrible incidents rock Walford as Stacey and Theo square off

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In EastEnders, Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) has been torturing Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), and soon she will learn about his most recent humiliating scheme.

While Lily (Lillia Turner), 13, was giving birth in the next room during a disagreement at home, Stacey discovered that Theo was her nefarious stalker. She was horrified to learn that the man who had been mailing her threatening notes and lingerie in the mail had actually been her daughter’s tutor.

As he quickly became hostile, Stacey, Martin Fowler, and Eve Unwin (James Bye and Heather Peace) had to try to extricate him from the residence.

Stacey was horrified when Theo spoke to her across the garden wall because he had gone to horrific measures to be with her, including purchasing the house next to hers.

Stacey and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) made the decision to pursue obtaining an interim stalking protection order in an effort to attempt and stop his behavior.

Theo takes drastic action of his own to avenge Stacey and show that he is always one step ahead as she prepares to ask the Walford community for their help.

Stacey is shocked when Martin shows her carrying a Secret Cam banner and tells that they have been pasted all over the Square as she gets ready for the court case against Theo in upcoming scenes.

Stacey rushes outside to face him because she is so enraged.

She becomes uneasy once more when she sees him going for court while dressed sharply and prepared for a battle.

She realizes that Theo’s image might influence the magistrate’s opinion of him, and she quickly determines that she will speak during the hearing.

DS Garrett is laying out the case against Theo and presenting Stacey’s side of the story as she arrives with her family in tow.

However, Stacey can no longer hold back after seeing Theo’s attorney, Mr. Rath, attack her reputation and character in court.

Even though Theo is adamant that nothing will change between them, the magistrate’s final ruling has significant repercussions for Stacey.

He has the complete belief that Stacey loves him just as much as he loves her and that their union is predestined.

When he subsequently breaks into Stacey’s home and a terrifying incident occurs, it quickly becomes apparent how certain he is of this.

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