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Spoilers: Home and Away’s Eden gets her heart broken: ‘Really hurts’

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Last week on Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) fled from the bay, there was a second proposal, and Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) faced the realities of domestic violence.

This week, Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) gets her heart broken, a resident is rushed to the hospital and a shock decision puts a life in danger.

This week, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), who recently got engaged, is eager to make amends because she believes that she may have damaged Eden’s chance at a relationship with Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Her attempts to play matchmaker between the cold couple fall flat, and Cash decides to break the news to Eden that their relationship is ended – for good.

Not only is their casual romance over, but Cash also finds it difficult to maintain a friendship with Eden.

Eden is deeply saddened by this. Despite her best efforts, Stephanie admits that it does crush her heart when Cash doesn’t even want to be friends during the planning of [Felicity’s] wedding.

She is aware that seeing each other so frequently is a challenge, though.

Stephanie continues by saying that Felicity’s interference in their romance is “weird” and “frustrating.”

“[Eden] has expressed how she feels about Cash, and he has not reciprocated her sentiments, so for Felicity to attempt and keep pushing the relationship further feels a bit pointless and unnecessary,” she says.

Ziggy’s rush to hospital

The turmoil surrounding Ziggy Astoni’s (Sophie Dillman) pregnancy has continued this week.

The effervescent blonde collapses in anguish as she begins her new job as manager at Summer Bay Auto.

Even though her medical issue turns out to be nothing serious, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is enraged to learn that the garage was left unattended.

She can’t bear to appear incompetent because of her pregnancy after he confronts his staff at her home. Justin is told a fib by Ziggy who claims that she just “forgot” to open the garage.

Is Ziggy’s employment in jeopardy because she demands that her medical issues remain a secret from her boss?

Bree feels trapped

Only Eden and Remi are aware of the terrible marriage Bree Cameron (Julie Godwin) is currently in with Jacob (Alex Williams).

Remi has made it his goal to always be there for Bree, no matter how challenging it may be.

Eden is “worried” for Bree and Remi, Stephanie informs us, adding that she “cares strongly about Remi, he’s like her brother, and doesn’t want him to get hurt.” However, [Eden] is extremely worried about Bree’s current circumstances.

The two are trying to “guide her to safety,” but the situation is delicate and complex.

When Jacob pushes Bree too far this week, she snaps and orders him to stop. Her husband assures her that he will change, but she still clings to the hope of escaping once Jacob returns to his interstate job.

However, Jacob drops the bombshell that he’s going to quit his job to stay in Summer Bay with his wife.

Only time will tell if Bree’s story ends in tragedy.

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