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Stephen Reid’s death on Coronation Street has been “sealed,” as viewers have discovered a key clue.

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Jenny Connor of Coronation Street was devastated to learn her ex-fiancee’s body had been discovered after believing he had left the country.

Fans of Coronation Street think they know who Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) final victim will be as his demise approaches.

ITV soap opera viewers witnessed the police tell Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) that Leo Thompkins’ (Joe Frost) body had been found during Wednesday night’s episode.

Distraught, Jenny sobbed when she realized the man she had loved had been killed, not abandoned as she had believed for more than a year.

She is unaware that her current lover Stephen is the one to blame for his passing, nevertheless.

Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) was taken up for questioning after telling the authorities Leo and Stephen had a fight before his abduction.

However, the serial murderer attempted to place the blame on Teddy Thompkins, Leo’s father, who he also killed (Grant Burgin).

It’s no secret that Tim has had his doubts about Stephen ever since he learned that he had falsified Elaine Jones’ (Paula Wilcox) life insurance documents.

Viewers witnessed Tim concluding a late shift beside the canal at the conclusion of the episode when he noticed Stephen being cagey.

He observed the assailant prod the water with a stick while hiding behind the bushes to ensure Teddy’s body wouldn’t be easy to find.

However, Stephen became frightened and left the area when Tim’s phone started to ring.

Since Tim is aware of his propensity for deceit and lying, viewers assume he will delve into Stephen’s search and maybe find Teddy’s body.

Many people on Twitter believe that if Stephen recognizes Tim’s ringtone, his life may be in danger. @Fulbut tweeted, “Stephen thinking about his next victim [sic] “Watch out Tim.”

Added @hollycarruthers: “Oh no, Tim needs to be careful.”

“Careful Tim, you will be next ffs,” tweeted @DebsGlynm.

Tweeted @xosassysarahxo: “Uh oh. Stephen will try to knock Tim off the next time Tim’s phone rings by clicking that it was him in the bushes.

“Bet dim Tim forgets to change the ringtone,” @demelcy continued.

accompanied by @Momrocks50 stating, “Oh Tim you’re putting yourself in serious danger now.”

Time appears to be running out for Stephen, as revealed by official spoilers, who state that Jenny becomes worried when Teddy doesn’t get in touch with her to plan the burial.

Could a missing person inquiry start if she went to the police station to voice her worries to Officer Craig Tinker (Colson Smith)?

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