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Surprise audition, saucy suggestion and secret investigation: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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This week on Home and Away, Lyrik manages to bring out some of the worst performers in the Bay as they hold auditions in Salt for their replacement lead singer. They’re about to give up hope when a surprise latecomer grabs Remi’s (Adam

Rowland) guitar and begins singing…he’s good, but will it be enough to win Lyrik over?

When Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane (Ethan Browne) sneak Chloe (Sam Barrett) to a motel and warn her that she is in danger, Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) world is flipped upside down in the meantime. She will have to leave her job at the gym and her romance with Theo (Ethan Browne) behind since she must leave right away for New Zealand for her own protection. Chloe locks herself in the restroom because she is so overwhelmed. Should she board the plane or stay put?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday August 29.

Theo takes a big gamble with a surprise audition

Lyrik realises they need to find a replacement as now as they come to terms with the fact that their lead singer has abandoned them. When Mackenzie later discovers flyers for band auditions in Salt, she is astonished. To make matters worse, it soon becomes apparent that only the worst musicians in the Bay have placed themselves on show once the ‘talent’ begins rolling it to try their luck! The band quickly gives up and begins putting their gear away. Theo, however, appears in the last minutes and begs to be given a chance. The group declines… Theo, though, picks up Remi’s guitar and begins to play. The band observes, shocked by what they hear but also enraged. Will Theo’s wager be successful?

Chloe is told she has to move to New Zealand immediately

The bikies recently gave Tane a further blow by wanting to utilise the gym as a base for their money-laundering operation rather than forcing him into returning the money Ari stole, plus interest. Tane makes an attempt to back out by promising the gang a bigger money, but Tex plays hardball and threatens to kill Chloe if he doesn’t comply. After realising they must take immediate action, Tane and Nikau sneak a terrified Chloe into a nearby motel. She is informed that she is in danger and that her stuff are being packed so she can leave for New Zealand as soon as possible. But Chloe locks herself in the bathroom because she is too stressed. Will she accept the dramatic turn of events in her life or put herself in harm’s way?

Nikau breaks up with Bella over the phone in heartbreaking scenes

As Chloe is informed that she must leave the Bay and stay with Mia in New Zealand for a while, Nikau realises that, although saying goodbye to her would be difficult, there will be an even tougher farewell necessary if he wants to keep everyone he loves safe. He gathers his courage that evening in his room and picks up the phone to call Bella. She responds from a New York apartment and gleefully informs him that she will soon be free to return home. Nikau advises her not to bother because they have already ended. Is he really breaking up with her over the phone, Bella wonders as she is left reeling, perplexed, and heartbroken? Nikau advises her not to contact him again since he won’t respond. What is ahead for Bella now that she is sad and alone in New York?

Rose begins a secret investigation into her boyfriend

After a collision that resulted in the death of a cyclist, Xander recently lost control and reacted violently towards a drunk motorist. Rose and Cash decide to watch him after being shocked by his lack of self-control. However, Xander is not happy to discover Cash watching him and confronts Rose, asking why she revealed his personal information. Irene invites the siblings over for supper after noticing the conflict between them. But when Irene asks Xander how things are at work during the lunch, he replies right away that Rose has already told her everything. He gets up in a rage and suggests that Rose reveal some of her own secrets, such as her love for her sister’s lover. Irene and Cash watch in disbelief as Rose chases after Xander as he storms off.

Xander reveals Rose’s secret in an explosive rage

After an incident in which a cyclist died, Xander recently lost control and reacted violently at the intoxicated motorist. Rose and Cash are shocked to witness his lack of self-control and decide to keep a watch on him. Cash watching him, though, annoys Xander, who asks Rose why she told others about his private matters. After noticing the conflict between the siblings, Irene extends an invitation to supper. However, when Irene inquires about work during the meal, Xander responds right once that Rose has already told her everything. In a fit of wrath, he gets to his feet and suggests that Rose reveal some of her own secrets, such her love for her sister’s lover. Irene and Cash watch in disbelief as Xander storms off and an embarrassed Rose pursues him.

Eden has a saucy suggestion for Jasmine and Cash

Will Lyrik put down roots with a new house?

While they crash at the Paratas’ house, Lyrik’s incessant loudness has enraged John. He quickly becomes sidetracked, though, by the joyful news that the hippies on his opposite side have leased their home! All he needs to do to achieve peace and quiet once they leave is to get rid of the band. However, Eden observes the “for lease” sign and asks reputable policeman Cash for a reference right once, so John might not get what he wants. Will the band establish a base in the Bay?

Xander makes the decision to apologise to Cash for his outburst at dinner. Following their reconciliation, Cash decides to keep up their shared candour by sharing his intentions for Jasmine’s homecoming. He takes out a ring box from his pocket, and inside is a gorgeous diamond. Is Jasmine prepared for the next proposal?

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