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The EastEnders actor suggests that Kat Slater and Alfie Moon will get back together “next year.”

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Since the early 2000s, Alfie Moon and Kat Slater’s relationship has been on and off again for EastEnders viewers.

Shane Richie, who plays Alfie Moon in EastEnders, has made hints that Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), and his character, Alfie Moon, would be rekindling their romance.

Currently, Kat is scheduled to wed Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) later this month, but fans are unsure if everything will go as planned on the big day.

Many people are still hoping that Kat and Alfie would get back together, so The One Show’s Alex Jones had to ask actor Shane about their prospects.

On Wednesday’s broadcast, she questioned, “I mean, will this wedding proceed? How will they know if we don’t? Will they?

The host noted that it has been 20 years since viewers of the BBC soap opera witnessed Alfie crash Kat and Andy Hunter’s (Michael Higgs) wedding.

There is still some room in Alfie’s heart for Kat, didn’t she say?

Alex questioned the soap star about the possibility of the two characters getting back together after reading a query that a viewer had sent.

What happened to Kat and Alfie, Shane asked? No. Jessie and I have been friends right now for 21 years. In the theater, we’ve collaborated on projects and performed together.

Don’t look at each other letters start arriving from upstairs every time we do a scene together.

“We don’t want to see the relationship you once had in case we give any clues away,”

Every time they film a scene together and Jessie brushes past him, Shane joked that he tells the crew to stop since they shouldn’t be touching.

But who knows? he added. Something might occur next year, but we are not yet sure.

Alfie and Linda are currently very close.

Shane laughed in response to Alex’s candid admission that it wouldn’t last, and she agreed.

Does this imply that Kat and Alfie’s journey is not over?

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