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The first look at the live-action Pinocchio film is making us believe in magic

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We’re wishing upon this star.

The beloved family film Pinocchio is the most recent Disney classic to be adapted for live-action television.
Pinocchio will give the well-known puppet new life, following in the footsteps of other live-action Disney films like Beauty & the Beast and The Lion King. The first trailer for the movie makes us feel that special Disney tingling.
The narrative is anticipated to follow the traditional legend in which Geppetto, a woodcarver from Tuscany, creates a puppet boy, wishes on a star, and the puppet boy comes to life, embarking on a quest to become a “real child.”

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might have the desire I wish tonight, Tom Hanks as Geppetto is heard saying in the movie’s first teaser.
Naturally, the equally well-known song from the story, “When You Wish Upon A Star,” follows it. Cue the tingles.

Who is cast in the live-action Pinocchio?

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, a British child actor best known for his roles in The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Sandman, plays the lead role of Pinocchio in the movie. Tom Hanks plays his creator Geppetto, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt provides the voice of Jiminy Cricket, our particular favorite character.
Following his role as Gaston in Beauty & The Beast, Luke Evans will play The Coachman in a new Disney live-action film. Cynthia Erivo will play the Blue Fairy, while Keegan-Michael Key will voice Honest John.

Where to watch Disney’s live-action Pinocchio in Australia

On September 8, Pinocchio will be released as part of the yearly Disney+ Day event.
As a result, only Disney+ will provide the live-action movie for streaming in Australia.
Visit this page for more information on the special offers as well as all the series and movies that are releasing that day. You can click here to register for Pinocchio’s streaming service.

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