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The REAL reason MAFS’ Jessika Power won’t be on The Challenge

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A number of your favorite D-list stars are now filming The Challenge Australia in Argentina.

Who, however, is not with them? Jessika Power, a star of MAFS, is reported to have been abruptly fired from the program.

“I had my contract signed, my bags packed, and everything else prepared when I got a message from my manager saying that, despite thinking I have ‘excellent potential,’ the American bosses had taken a creative decision to not cast me on the show. [sic].” On Instagram, Jessika posted.

However, a little birdie just informed The Daily Mail that Jess’ removal from the show wasn’t because of casting choices.
It was all about those dollary-doos instead.

When Ten called for a last-minute meeting, they informed Jessica that her compensation would be cut in half, the insider claimed. Jessica was already packed and prepared to leave.

According to reports, Jess was scheduled to make close to $6000 per week while her co-stars took home a pitiful $3000. When the show wanted to decrease her income to match the others Jess wasn’t interested.

“Despite their desire for her to appear on the program, they were no longer able to meet her financial demands. Simply keeping her on didn’t make sense, the person claimed.

Even while we’d love to receive $3000 per week to hang out in an Argentinian villa with all the drama going on there, perhaps Jess was correct to pass on the opportunity.

This week, there have been rumors that Konrad Bie-Stephen, Abbie Chatfield’s (perhaps ex-boyfriend, has entered the program claiming to be single. Then he began having affairs with Megan Marx, his co-star.

According to a second person who spoke to The Daily Mail, “the drama is ridiculous, Konrad is sleeping with Megan [Marx].”

“He slept with Megan the first night of filming. I had no idea what was going on.”

Ten hasn’t released a full list of contestants for The Challenge but here’s who we’re pretty sure is going to be on the show:

Konrad Bień-Stephen – The Bachelor season seven

Megan Marx – The Bachelor season four and Bachelor in Paradise Australia

Jack Vidgen – Australia’s Got Talent

Brittany Hockley– The Bachelor season six

Sarah Roza – MAFS season five

Cyrell Paul – MAFS season six

Kiki Morris – The Bachelor Australia season four and Bachelor in Paradise Australia

Marley Biyendolo – Big Brother Australia season 13

David Subritzky – I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia

Emily Seebomh – Australian Olympic swimmer

Suzan Mutesi – actress, model and fashion designer

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