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The surprising role Prince Harry played in Serena William’s retirement

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Harry joined in during today’s premiere of Meghan Markle’s podcast, much to the pleasure of the audience. The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams, the first episode of the Archetypes podcast, debuted on August 23. “Where we analyze, critique, and disrupt the categories that try to hold women back,” the show’s description of itself reads. During an action-packed 50 minutes in the first episode, Meghan and Serena talked about parenthood, living in the spotlight, and the double standard women face when they are dubbed “ambitious.”

Fans were thrilled to hear Harry briefly join the podcast and spoke comfortably with his wife and close friend Serena.
“Want to stop by and say hi? Before Harry was heard talking to Serena on her podcast, Meghan said, “Look who just popped in.
Harry said, “How are you doing?,” before adding, “I like what you’ve done with your hair! That feels really good.
Serena thanked Harry and said, “Good to see you too as usual, I miss you guys,” before adding, “I miss you guys!”
Harry responded with a cocky “Well come and see us!” before Serena said she would.
Before bidding Harry farewell, Meghan said, “We’ll develop a plan,” calling him “my love.”

Even though the exchange was brief, fans enjoyed seeing a laid-back side of the couple.
In a later episode of the podcast, Serena discussed the unexpected impact Harry played in her choice to retire.
Meghan brought mentioned a time when Harry and Serena were chatting at their house for “like an hour” when discussing the tennis player’s retirement.
Serena admitted that she had discussed it extensively with Harry and that “he was attempting to pound some sense into me.”

Serena expressed gratitude to Meghan and Harry for their support when she decided to retire from tennis.

“I also wanted you to know how much it meant to me to have your support and Harry’s support in everything,” she continued. Because it’s been difficult,” she said to Meghan.
Serena also said that she had initially hoped to leave tennis in a low-key manner, saying that “she wanted to depart with no goodbyes.”
You won’t do it, I’m sure. Nobody on the globe would permit you to do that. You are too adored, Meghan said.

In addition, Meghan revealed in the first episode of Archetypes a terrible incident her family went through while on a business trip to South Africa, during which Archie’s nursery caught fire.

Next week, Mariah Carey will be a guest on episode two of the podcast.

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