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When will Joel get caught out in Coronation Street? Calum Lill reveals what’s next

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He needs to focus on more young ladies first.

Coronation Street viewers will be aware that Joel was the one who attacked Lauren Bolton on Thursday, May 30, as the soap opera revealed.

In a flashback, Joel was in Lauren’s apartment, striking her over the head and running away with her necklace.

Now, actor Calum Lill has disclosed when Joel will be apprehended for Lauren’s alleged “murder.”

Joel assaulted Lauren on Coronation Street
Dee-Dee learned yesterday evening on the cobbles that Nathan was being represented by her partner Joel.

Joel and Dee-Dee were celebrating Roy’s release from prison when they shared a kiss and made up in the café. Nathan was soon charged with Lauren’s murder.

Joel went to his car after that and noticed Hope standing by it. Before long, she gave him a necklace that she had discovered while washing his car.

Joel retrieved the necklace and reflected on his time spent in Lauren’s apartment. In a flashback, he struck Lauren over the head and then stole the necklace.

Coronation Street actor Calum Lill teases more to come for Joel

Now that viewers are aware of Joel’s shocking secret, Calum Lill has hinted that in the upcoming weeks, Joel will target even more young ladies.

He gave an explanation, saying, “It’s a pattern of behavior that he engages in with these young girls and then feels guilty about it, so he tries to be a better person and treat Dee-Dee better. The cycle of euphoria and guilt continues until the guilt wears off and he needs another “fix.” It is a destructive behavior pattern. And if he continues to do so, we will see in the upcoming weeks.

When will Joel get caught out?

Calum has continued to imply that Joel might not be apprehended for his crimes for some time because he is still searching for new victims.

“I mean, the longer he hides, the more chance there is that he will make a mistake,” he disclosed. He’s been acting in this way since we’ve seen him, which is good so far, even though Lauren was attacked in February. Also, nobody has seen him. Until now, no one has managed to catch him in the act, but they are unaware that they have.

“But I believe he knows that the longer it goes on, the greater the chance he has of making a mistake. You can see that he is growing increasingly fearful that anything, even the knowledge that he had an affair with Lauren, could cause his entire world to fall apart. That alone—a betrayal of trust—will be sufficient to end his relationship, career, and life—if there’s also a murder involved. All the things in his life that he cherishes—his career, his fiance, his independence? Therefore, the stakes could not be greater. However, the more he panics, the greater the likelihood that something will go wrong.

The actor continued, expressing his own aspirations for Joel’s future: “I really enjoy coming to work, so I hope Joel is very good at hiding, but for soap justice I know that at some point he’s going to be found out.”

Is Joel still a long way from having his world fall apart? Joel will be on the street for how long?

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