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Whitney Dean’s time in EastEnders: All the tragedies, a doomed love life and a longed-for family

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On EastEnders, Whitney Dean is set to leave the soap opera. She has made the permanent decision to move out of Walford with her foster daughter Britney and daughter Dolly.

For our Whit, the past 16 years on the Square have not been easy. It’s time for her to start over after a series of failed relationships since her arrival in 2008.

Bianca Jackson’s stepdaughter endured sexual abuse at the hands of Rob Grayson, was abused by her fiancé Tony King, and has been married once and engaged four times.

Actress Shona McGarty plays Whitney. The gifted young actress has matured on screen since landing the role when she was still a teenager.

Whitney Dean and Tony King

It became apparent that Tony, Bianca’s fiancé, had groomed teenage Whitney and had begun a relationship with her when she was just 12 years old when he arrived in the Square after being released from prison.

It was difficult to watch Tony manipulate Whitney’s emotions and exert control over her. Furthermore, Tony’s interest in Whitney waned as she got older, and he instead focused his affections on her friend Lauren Branning. Whitney eventually confessed everything to her horrified stepmother Bianca on the day she turned sixteen, still thinking that her romance had been consensual.

As Tony was taken into custody after Bianca called the police, Whitney came to realize that Tony’s attraction to her was abusive. Tony committed suicide in jail afterwards.

When Tony’s son Leo arrived in the Square in 2019 seeking retribution, the storyline surrounding Whitney’s abuse was brought back to life.

Whitney’s sexual exploitation

After that, Whitney met Rob Grayson (Jody Latham, star of Shameless), who recognized Whitney’s troubled and vulnerable nature and offered to help when she needed it.

However, Rob was a cunning man, and soon Whitney was duped into having sex with men in order to settle Rob’s debts.

Though Lauren, Whit’s friend, was adamant about rescuing her partner from Rob, she was unable to succeed on her own. Whit’s half-brother Ryan, who happens to be the father of Stacey Slater’s daughter Lily, went to assist Whitney when she ended up in Southend.

Rob died after they got into a fight on the pier.

Whitney and Lee Carter

As soon as Whit arrived in the Square, he fell in love with Lee Carter, and the two eventually got engaged. However, Lee was having trouble with depression, which Whitney found hard to manage.

Lee disappeared on their wedding day and turned to alcohol after he heard Whit confess that she was considering ending their relationship.

Despite the fact that Whitney had kissed Lee’s father, Mick, the two managed to put their differences behind them. Lee gave Whit forgiveness and made another proposal after she admitted to snogging Mick.

Whitney was overjoyed to learn she was expecting a child and devastated to learn she had miscarried. However, she eventually got married to Lee.

However, Lee’s mental health was deteriorating, and their marriage was fraught with challenges. He even gave Whitney a hit once. Lee eventually moved to Dover on Valentine’s Day, leaving Whitney behind.

Whitney Dean in EastEnders and her heartbreak

Whitney, who was still having feelings for Mick, became close to his friend Woody Woodward (played by Blue star Lee Ryan) after Lee left. They decided to move to Spain to operate a bar after getting engaged.

However, Woody left Whitney behind, merely leaving a note informing her that she would be better off in Walford. What a shithole!

Whitney was introduced to Callum “Halfway” Highway by Whit’s stepsister Tiffany. Although their romance didn’t take off right away, Whitney eventually fell in love with the gentle former soldier.

However, Callum was unfaithful to his girlfriend; despite proposing to Whitney and starting the wedding planning process, he was actually harboring feelings for Ben Mitchell.

Whitney consented to the wedding after Callum admitted to kissing Ben, but on the big day, she changed her mind and the couple split up.

Leo King

Following her solo honeymoon, Whitney informed her friends that she had met another man, Leo. Tiff, however, forewarned her that Jack was wary of the awkward newcomer because she had seen him at Whitney’s wedding.

Leo was identified as Tony King’s son. He wanted retribution because he believed Whitney had made up the accusations regarding his father.

He started harassing Whitney, causing her constant distress, and ultimately taking refuge in Sonia’s attic to surveil poor Miss Dean.

Leo and Whitney got into a fight following a heated argument in the house, and Leo ended up falling onto the knife Whit was using to defend herself.

In the special 35th anniversary episodes, Whitney ran to the Carters’ boat party on the Thames and called Mick for help.

Whitney was detained in jail awaiting trial after being charged with Leo’s murder.

But Whitney was found not guilty because of an unlikely hero named Gray Atkins.

Whitney, Kush and Gray

Whit had been a huge support to Gray and his children ever since Chantelle passed away—naturally, at Gray’s hands, even though Whitney was unaware of this.

However, Gray wasn’t impressed when she got close to Kush, and he became even more irritated when the couple became engaged after a brief courtship.

Kush was pushed in front of a subway train by serial killer Mr. Atkins, right before he and Whitney were leaving for Dubai to begin a new life together.

Heartbroken and convinced that the Mitchells were responsible for Kush’s demise, Whitney exacted revenge by inadvertently sending Kat Slater to the hospital.

Whitney takes on Gray

Whitney and Gray soon found themselves getting closer once more. However, she later discovered his darker side and understood the true nature of him.

Whitney put Tina Carter’s body together after discovering that Gray was her killer. Whit and Gray got into a fight on a railroad bridge as Gray’s murderous secrets began to surface.

Whitney was going to shove him when he finally admitted to killing Kush, but Mitch Baker caught sight of them. In order to hold Gray accountable for all of his killings, including the death of Mitch’s daughter Chantelle, he rescued Gray.

Gray was found guilty and imprisoned; he is still there.

Whitney and Zack Hudson

The market trader and Zack Hudson had a difficult beginning to their relationship. It was obvious that they liked each other, but after their one-night romance, player Zack became very anxious when Whit told him she was expecting a child.

Whitney could tell he wasn’t devoted to either their relationship or being a father. But in the end, he told her that he would be there for them both and that he wanted to be involved in the baby’s life.

But after learning that he had HIV, Zack started to distance himself from everyone. He told her he didn’t want to interact with Whit or the baby out of fear that he had infected them both.

The two quickly decided to give it another shot. But there was yet more tragedy to come.

Whitney loses baby Peach in EastEnders

Whitney learned her unborn child had a condition called ombhalocle at her 20-week scan. It indicated that her organs were proliferating externally. When she was born, the doctors told her they could operate.

But when they learned the baby had Edwards syndrome, they would experience even more heartache. It was therefore unlikely that she would live to give birth.

In order to spare Peach further agony, Whitney made the terrible decision to end the pregnancy. Then, Whitney and Zack split up once more.

In the end, he acknowledged that he had HIV but that he really did love Whit and wanted to be with her. The lies infuriated Whitney, who was devastated and ended their relationship.

Or not…

Baby joy for Whitney

Zack and Whitney made the decision to try things again. Whit’s declaration that she never wanted to become pregnant again presented them with yet another obstacle. She preferred that they take on the role of foster parents.

Zack initially objected to the idea but ultimately agreed. However, Whitney discovered she was expecting a child as they started their foster journey.

Her fears led her to want a termination at first, but they ultimately chose to keep the baby.

When they went to see Bianca in Milton Keynes, things became difficult, and Whitney became close to a little girl named Britney. Whit paid Keeley off instead of going through the proper channels because he was determined to foster her and remove her from her drug-addicted mother. She neglected to inform Zack of her actions.

Zack was furious when he realized the truth. Whit, though, was adamant that she would pick Britney over him. After getting wasted, he went out and had sex with Lauren Branning.

He went home to Whitney, made up with her, and vowed to support their family after instantly regretting it. They gave Britney the proper upbringing, became engaged, and started organizing their nuptials.

Whitney Dean’s exit from EastEnders

Whitney gave birth to baby Dolly on her hen night after going into labor. While she and Zack appeared to be happy, he was still dealing with his shameful secret. Britney was conflicted about telling Whitney the truth after discovering it for herself.

At the altar, she finally blurted it out! Whitney informed Whit that Zack had cheated on her with Lauren just before they were about to exchange vows.

Whitney declared that she and the girls are leaving Walford permanently, calling it quits after second-guessing whether or not to take her back.

Will Zack, though, let her leave without a fight?

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