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Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2024? Complete list of cast exits, arrivals and returns

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In 2024, who will be leaving Coronation Street? We know that Paul Foreman’s time is running out, so at least one tragic death is imminent. Is anyone else, though, off?

What about newcomers and returnees? Here is what we currently know about the many events taking place this year.

Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2024?

Paul Foreman

Paul Foreman received the devastating news that he had motor neurone disease in 2023. Paul was devastated to learn that his hand injury required more testing and that he had an incurable disease.

In order to investigate the difficulties Paul may encounter in adjusting to this heartbreaking news, Coronation Street is collaborating with the MND Association. Actor Peter Ash, who plays Paul, has also shared details about his plot.

MND is a brain and spinal cord disease that is deadly and advances quickly. It causes muscles to stop contracting by attacking the nerves that regulate movement. Although victims are imprisoned within their bodies, their senses are typically unaffected. Eighty percent of MND patients will eventually lose their voice, and they will eventually be unable to breathe, move, or speak.

Unfortunately, a third of those diagnosed with the illness pass away within a year because there is no known cure. After diagnosis, more than half only survive for two years.

Paul has already lost the ability to use his legs and needed a wheelchair; the news that he only has six months to live came as a shock due to a chronic cough. After hearing that information, Paul chose to take his own life at the appropriate moment rather than give up total control.

Paul is now having trouble speaking, and because he is having trouble swallowing, he will soon get a feeding tube installed.

When does Paul depart from Coronation Street, then? His departure is expected to air later this summer, though the exact date has not been announced. Peter has expressed his sorrow over the leaving.

He remarked, “I’ll be sad to leave, but I’m also really happy to be a part of such a compelling plot.”

Beth Tinker

After 13 years on the soap opera, Lisa George, who starred as Beth Tinker, is leaving, as The Sun reported last year. Her last scenes were scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2024.

“Lisa has been on Corrie for a long time and she’s had some great storylines,” the source said.

With her comedic moments, she has solidified her place in the hearts of fans, but her tragic storylines, such as Sinead’s passing, have left viewers in tears.

“She feels that it’s time to move on and take on new challenges, even though she loves Corrie with all of her heart.”

Lisa appeared to refute rumors that she was leaving her position earlier in 2023 when speaking with The Mirror at the Pride of Britain Awards in October.

She said, “I have a new contract,” to them. Everyone was saying, “You’re leaving, you’re leaving,” which is really strange. When they asked me about my contract, I replied that I was waiting. When they asked what I would like to do if I didn’t receive one, I replied that I would call the midwife. I just made a brief remark, and the next thing I knew, everyone was calling me and saying, “You’re leaving, you’re leaving.”

“No, what’s all this, no, I don’t know anything about it,” was my initial thought.

Lisa updated her social media with a new cast card image following the release of the most recent reports. Then, in response to a comment lamenting her departure, she said, “I haven’t left; I’ll be back in tomorrow.”

It’s unclear if this meant she isn’t leaving at all or that she hasn’t left yet.

ITV has been contacted by Entertainment Daily for a statement.

Who else is leaving Coronation Street in 2024?

Simon Barlow

Over Christmas, there were rumors that Alex Bain, who has portrayed Simon Barlow on the ITV soap opera for fifteen years, was leaving.

Since he was seven years old, the 22-year-old actor has been a part of the ITV soap opera. He is anticipated to leave with a dramatic plot, though, this summer.

“Alex is sad to be leaving Coronation Street because it really is like a family,” a source allegedly told The Sun. However, he understands that it’s time to move on.

“He’s very excited about the future and other opportunities,” they continued.

On his final day, Alex shared photos to his Instagram story, and he has since completed the filming. Simon is currently experiencing a decline following his father’s departure. He’s been acting out and drinking excessively, and despite multiple assurances that he will get his act together, he doesn’t seem to be able to.

Peter Barlow is going to give him a job offer on his yacht soon. But will Simon depart in that manner? Or does his farewell have a darker theme in store?

Supporters have insisted that Simon be recast and return in 2025 when he does leave.

Who’s returning to Coronation Street in 2024?

Alya Nazir

Alya Nazir waved in a taxi May 2024, farewell to the cobbles. She was going to Dublin for a six-month work placement. Will she return, though?

Actress Sair Khan needed the exit to cover her maternity leave. In April, she gave birth to a little boy, her first child.

After taking some time off to care for her newborn, she is anticipated to return. Depending on how long she decides to go, we might not see her again until 2025.

Alya has a reason to return, though, as she was developing a romantic relationship with Adam Barlow. Will he, however, wait for her?

Summer Spellman

Earlier this year, Summer Spellman left the cobbles for a study placement in the United States. Because stepdad Paul had been diagnosed with MND, she was hesitant to leave him behind. Paul, though, insisted that she go pursue her dreams.

ED! can certify that Weatherfield will welcome Summer back. But when Paul’s condition deteriorates, will she have to end her American adventure early?

Will she be able to return home in time? She has made him swear to call her before ending his life.

Tracy McDonald drives off to sunny Spain

Tracy McDonald and her lover Tommy Orpington departed Weatherfield on Tuesday, April 2, in search of a better life in Spain. Her husband Steve, her family, and her flower shop were all left behind.

Is she truly gone for good, though?

Even though Tracy’s future is still unknown on Coronation Street, this seems like a very quiet farewell for such a show legend! Is this going to be the last time we see her? Or will she soon come back from Spain with her tail tucked between her legs?

Given Tommy’s unreliable reputation, is her happy ending really too good to be true?

Who’s joining Coronation Street in 2024?

Mr and Mrs Deering

Callum Lil’s character Joel Deering was recently thrown out by Dee-Dee Bailey for not telling her about his wife and daughter. But it’s not the last time we’ll see him.

Callum recently disclosed to the media, including Entertainment Daily, that his parents are en route to the cobblestones.

It’s similar to the middle child in a middle-class family, he explained. He’s undoubtedly attempting to navigate that while trying to be adequate. I’m interested to watch that develop and see how it turns out.

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