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Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024? Complete list of cast exits, arrivals and returns

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In 2024, who will be leaving Emmerdale? Since actor Steve Halliwell passed away last year, we are aware that there will be one sad ending.

Additionally, there will undoubtedly be more this year after a few more significant exits last year. This is a list of everyone who will be joining and leaving in 2023.

Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024?

There aren’t any cast exits planned as of May 2024. Ethan Anderson’s future, however, is clouded in uncertainty.

Is Ethan Anderson leaving Emmerdale?

Ethan Anderson will most likely no longer be on our screens in the near future, one way or another. He fled the scene after crashing a car while intoxicated, and he is currently being charged. Given the strong body of evidence against him, a jail term would seem inevitable. How long will he get, though?

Ruby, Caleb, and Cain are seeking retribution in another place. When the car crashed, Nicky was inside, and even though Ethan pulled him out, he abandoned him on the side of the road. Doctors have not been able to pull Nicky out of his coma despite a severe brain bleed.

Since the Miligans and the Dingles are now aware of the truth, Ethan has stopped lying about his involvement.

On May 22, a mystery car runs Ethan over on a Wednesday. Ethan is left bleeding and bruised at the side of the road as the car speeds off.

He collapses after dragging himself back to the village. So will he be alright? Or will Ethan pass away rather than go to jail?

Who else has left Emmerdale in 2024

Two other characters have departed the Dales this year – Heath Hope and Amit Sharma.

Heath, the son of Bob Hope, was involved in a car accident and was pronounced dead minutes into the New Year’s Day episode.

It was evident that Heath had died on impact and could not be revived despite all efforts to rescue him from the debris.

After 17 years of playing Heath alongside his real-life twin sister and Cathy Hope actress, Gabrielle Dowling, Sebastian Dowling left the soap opera after these heartbreaking scenes.

The world of Heath’s family was completely upended by his death. Can they, however, help each other get through their unbearable loss?

Jai Sharma, on the other hand, made Amit leave after learning that Amit had killed his father, Rishi. After pushing Amit down the stairs and confining him in a cupboard, Jai finally agreed to let him go as long as Amit signed all of his papers and departed without saying goodbye to anyone.

Amit concurred, but when will he return?

Pearl Ladderbanks

It was disclosed earlier this year that Pearl Ladderbanks, a former veterinary receptionist, had also passed away. Paddy, Vanessa, and Rhona received a letter with the bad news.

Her passing has gone unnoticed, but it follows the 86-year-old death of Pearl’s actress Meg Johnson in July 2023.

Zak Dingle

With the passing of actor Steve Halliwell in December 2023, it appears likely that Zak Dingle will leave the soap opera in 2024, even though his departure hasn’t been formally announced.

On screen, he is currently residing in Scotland with Debbie Dingle, his granddaughter. Zak has been mentioned a few times lately. He excused himself from his daughter Belle’s wedding by saying he was “too ill.” However, might the illness result in an exit story?

Although Emmerdale honored Zak as the credits rolled late last year, they have not disclosed how or when he will appear on screen. Out of respect, the soap opera might wait another year or two before Zak steps down. However, it makes sense that a beloved and enduring character like Zak will receive the farewell he merits. And when we watch it, all the tissues will be needed.

Who’s returning to Emmerdale in 2024?

Angelica King

Angelica King was found guilty of driving the vehicle that killed Heath Hope in March 2024 and was given an eight-month sentence to serve in a secure children’s home. Although she is no longer on screen, her sentence may be reduced based on how she acts.

Nicola Wheeler, who portrays Angelica’s mother Nicola King, recently disclosed to Digital Spy during Angelica’s absence: “Also, looking to the future, I would just say: ‘What is to come?'” For when Angel leaves this place, what kind of person will she be? Isn’t that the crucial question? She lives eight months of her life without any control or influence from Nicola or Jimmy.

When the character gets back from the SCH, actress Rebecca Bakes has stated that she will reprise her role as Angelica. It appears that she is taking a break from the soap opera to finish her exams.

After leaving, Rebecca posted a behind-the-scenes photo to her Instagram stories with the caption, “Had an amazing time filming this storyline, can’t wait to get back to it.”

According to this post, the character won’t probably be recast and the adolescent will play it again in the future. It prepares the ground for Angel’s Christmas comeback, but who will she be then?

Who else has returned to Emmerdale in 2024?

Vanessa Woodfield

In 2022, actress Michelle Hardwick made her second child’s pregnancy known. Teddy, Michelle’s three-year-old son, already has a father, Kate Brooks. In November 2022, Michelle gave birth to a daughter named Betty.

Vanessa was once more absent from television last year due to her maternity leave. Watchers followed Vanessa’s decision to accept a job offer in Canada.

Suzy, her potential love interest, and her broke up due to a lack of trust in their relationship. Vanessa abruptly left on her own.

When Rhona abducted baby Ivy in order to support her friend, she came back. Subsequently, Vanessa returned to the village full-time and their relationship was revived with Suzy.

Kerry Wyatt

Kerry Wyatt had a hectic few months leading up to her departure.

She acknowledged that Chloe was actually her biological daughter, whom she had abandoned at birth. Then she learned the truth about her fiancé Al Chapman’s cheating. Kerry left the village to take a job on a cruise ship because he found village life to be too stressful.

The exit was intended to cover Kerry actress Laura Norton’s maternity leave after she gave birth to her second child in 2022 with fiancé Mark Jordan.

In March 2024, she made a spectacular comeback dressed as Cher and faced accusations of larceny. Viewers know she did it even though she blindly swore she hadn’t. Kerry began mouthing off to Chas and Charity about everything that had happened right away. Since then, though, she has softened and is now employed by the Woolpack.

Who’s arriving in Emmerdale in 2024?


Christine Tremarco’s character Rose was the final addition to RoseEmmerdale. When Rose was spotted in the hospital with Will Taylor, she arrived. She turned out to be Dawn’s mother, who had been estranged.

At first, Dawn didn’t want anything to do with her, but after Rose was threatened with death by Kim Tate, Dawn made the decision to try and give her mother another chance. While she healed from a broken arm, she moved her into Home Farm.

But Rose seems to be staying put in the interim because Dawn’s son Evan has been diagnosed with leukemia. She’s not a particularly good mother, but she’s trying. For what duration will she be in the city?

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