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Why EastEnders’ Suki is on crutches – the soap’s explanation and the real-life reason

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This week, Suki Panesar from EastEnders has a lot on her plate. She’s dealing with her ex-husband Nish making a reappearance in Albert Square, dealing with his death announcement, and attempting to make her girlfriend Eve’s birthday special.

And she’s using crutches to do it all!

Nish is back

Suki was taken aback when Nish appeared at her front door yesterday. Claiming to have received the divorce papers accidentally, he claimed to have her copy.

Enraged that he had ventured to enter her home after being chased out of town by his family, she sent him on his way.

However, Nish was able to sneak in by using little Avani, and Suki was shocked to discover him in the living room when she returned home.

She requested additional help, informing Vinny and Ravi that their father had returned to the city along with Nugget. And when Nish revealed he was dying, they were all taken aback.


Suki was seen utilizing crutches to get around in yesterday’s episode. Eve referred to her as her “hopalong” with affection, and Suki made a joke about having been hurt at a gig, claiming that a moshpit wasn’t legitimate unless someone ended up on crutches.

But the walking aid is more than just a prop.

Real-life injury

The lines describing the injury sustained by the alter ego of actress Balvinder Sopal were inserted to explain why she uses crutches in real life.

When Balvinder walked down the red carpet at the BAFTA Television Awards earlier this month, viewers saw her using crutches and donning a protective boot.

However, we don’t know if Bal also got hurt while dancing to music, or if something else happened to her!

Whatever transpired, we hope Balvinder recovers quickly.

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