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“You are the brightest light in my world”: Home and Away alum Esther Anderson has the sweetest bond with her son Forest

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Beginning in 2008, Esther Anderson first grabbed our hearts on Home And Away when she portrayed Charlie Buckton, a police sergeant at the Bay’s neighborhood police station.

The TV WEEK Gold Logie nominee’s primary responsibility today, though, is being a mother to her lovely 4-year-old son Forest and recently-born Ralph.

In 2013, the 43-year-old permanently departed Summer Bay and relocated to Hollywood, where she later met her future spouse Howard Moggs.

Esther and Howard got married in 2017, then had Forest and little Ralph in September of the following year.

On social media, the couple frequently brags about their children, with Esther calling Forest a “beautiful little soul.”

Forest, their four-year-old son, and Esther reside in Los Angeles with Esther’s husband, advertising executive Howard Moggs.

Esther previously remarked that it has been interesting to balance motherhood and a young child.

When I couldn’t find a babysitter at the last minute, I’ve had to take him to a few auditions, Esther admitted. Although difficult, we have generally performed well.

Following the birth of her first child in August 2018, Esther posted on Instagram, “Our adorable boy Forest Jack Moggs is here and came weighing 8.5lbs.”

We are completely smitten by this adorable little soul.

Forry’s little cheeks matched the ornaments on the tree, and he was delighted, Esther said on Instagram in 2019 accompanying this adorable holiday image. “We didn’t make it to meet Santa, but on another note.

The Home and Away alum delivered a touching homage to Forest on Mother’s Day in 2020.

“Thank you, my lovely baby, for choosing me to be your mother. You are the brightest light in my universe, and I’m so grateful to be your mommy (even when you refuse to eat a meal I’ve prepared that I’m sure you would adore and you begin to cry because it’s so horrible)”

Esther admitted that she misses a lot about living in Australia and hasn’t completely ruled out returning to raise Forest there.

Howard is undoubtedly open to relocating to Australia at some time, she added, adding that she still longs to be near her family.

“So fortunate to be your mother, Forry. You are the greatest gift in the world “Esther wrote.

Esther talked openly about how the flu had affected Forest in September of last year.

Even though I’ve done my best to shield him from everything, there are times when you feel like you’re falling short, she said. “On top of all the regular 2-year-old issues, I think this whole year and what it has brought with it can’t help but effect him too.”

I hope all the mothers out there who are feeling a little overburdened by the rules, parenting, and everything else the pandemic has forced upon us aren’t being too hard on themselves.

Esther shared this adorable photo of Forest’s first movie experience.

“He saw this movie for the first time, and it was fantastic.

He initially didn’t understand the hubbub, but after seeing it, he didn’t want to leave “She wrote the picture’s caption.

Prior to the birth of Forest in 2018, the Gold Logie nominee penned on Instagram, “There just aren’t the words to convey how pleased we are right now.”

When the 42-year-old arrived in Victoria from the US in December, she shared this cute photo of herself and Forest on social media.

Esther acknowledged in May of last year that the COVID-19 outbreak had made Australia even more dear to her heart.

She said on The Morning Show that it had “made us realize just how essential family is and what’s at stake.”

“After all of this is finished, I’ll absolutely remember the time I spent in Australia and strive to spend more time there.”

Happy families!

Almost there! In September 2022, Esther flaunted her growing baby belly. She wrote, “Appreciating this tiny (BIG) body of mine for all it’s done the last 9 months (And hubby for tolerating my hormones and lending me his trousers amongst other things )”.

Beach hoppers This family photo was captioned by Esther. Forest is obviously enamored with life in sunny California!

Esther shared a sweet remembrance of little Forest on his fourth birthday in July 2022. “I can’t believe it has been four years since you first smiled at me and gazed up at me. My eyes were so unbelievable. Forest, I adore you so much! “She wrote a caption for this picture.

Esther and Howard welcomed a son they named Ralph as their second child in September 2022.

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