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Ziggy and Dean’s best moments on Home and Away

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Despite having come to Summer Bay separately, Patrick O’Connor (Dean) and Sophie Dillman (Ziggy) are leaving together.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite on-screen interactions between them in honor of their time on Home and Away, including their first date, their first kiss, and the birth of their lovely daughter Izzy.

Maggie, Ziggy, Coco and Ben become stuck in Summer Bay after their car broke down.

Dean arrived in Summer Bay as a member of the River Boys gang.

Ziggy and Dean hang at work.

Ziggy is having fun with Dean.

Ziggy and Dean get the party started.

Ziggy and Dean share their first kiss.

Ziggy is happy to do selfie time with Dean.

Ziggy finds Dean prepping for a surf lesson…..

Whilst working in the pit at the races, Ziggy shares a heartfelt moment with Dean.

Dean gives Ziggy a gift for their first anniversary.

Dean gives Ziggy a look of pure love moments before they share a kiss.

Dean finally admits how much he misses being with Ziggy intimately, and the pair agree how much they want it, or should we say each other?

Dean comforts Ziggy who is in labour.

Dean and Ziggy are greeted by their beautiful daughter Izzy.

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