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10 big moments coming up: huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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One character is caught in the crossfire as Tane and Rose attempt to take down the biker gang on Home and Away the next week.

In other scenes, Theo and Kirby succumb to temptation, while Ziggy, having made a bargain with Remi, sneaks around Dean.

The whole list of 10 significant events is provided here.

Tane goes undercover

At the headquarters of the biker gang, Tane coverstly wears a police wire. He questions Marty, the leader, about the scheme to launder money at the gym. Marty will be duped into saying enough to implicate himself, Tane and the police hope.

Tane’s intentions are thwarted when Nikau shows up at the gang’s covert location after using a phone app to locate his uncle. Tane realises his nephew is now in danger, raising the stakes for him.

Cash is shot

Tane’s talk with Marty is being overheard by Rose and Cash. The police decide to rush in and arrest the bikies after Marty says enough to get himself into it.

Cash enters the danger zone without donning a bulletproof vest. When he is shot in the ensuing commotion, this has devastating results.

 Cash is rushed to hospital

When the paramedics arrive on the scene to aid Cash, Xander is a member of the group. In the ambulance, Cash’s heart stops, and Xander does CPR.

Bree Cameron, the newest physician in Summer Bay, is caring for Cash in the hospital. Before Cash is rushed away for urgent surgery, Bree allows Felicity to visit him.

Tane and Nikau try to maintain their cover

Along with the biker gang, Tane and Nikau are taken into custody. To keep the bikies from discovering that Tane betrayed them, all of this is for show.

The Paratas play along with their fictitious “arrest,” but they are mindful of the risks involved if Tex and the others discover the truth.

Cash goes into cardiac arrest

Later, when Tane runs into Felicity, he advises her that they must keep their cover up until the gang is given a punishment.

Cash emerges from surgery unconscious, and Rose rushes to his side. Rose apologises profusely while feeling bad for not doing something about Cash’s absence of a bulletproof vest.

The medical staff hurries Rose out of the room when Cash suffers a heart attack.

Rose faces a backlash from Felicity

When Bree realises that Cash must be internally bleeding, the surgeon rushes him back into the operating room. The hazards of having a second procedure in a short period of time make Cash’s loved ones concerned about the potential outcome.

Looking for someone to point the finger upon, Felicity lashes out at Rose, saying that she ought to have carefully monitored the police operation. Assuring Rose that it isn’t her fault, Xander intervenes.

Later, when Cash has recovered from surgery, Bree informs him that he is now in an induced coma to speed up his rehabilitation. At Cash’s bedside, Felicity assumes a position, preparing for the tense wait.

Theo and Kirby kiss

While their Lyrik comrades Eden and Remi are out on the town, Theo and Kirby collaborate on songs. Their collaboration becomes an all-nighter, demonstrating their strong chemistry.

Later, Theo and Kirby embrace warmly before sharing an impassioned kiss as they celebrate their accomplishment.

Theo and Kirby face a romance ban

Theo and Kirby subsequently had a second kiss on the beach, as seen by Remi. He quickly informs Eden, and together they devise a strategy to step in.

Theo and Kirby are confronted by Remi and Eden, who claim that it is against the rules for band members to hook up. This is partially due to how negatively the group was affected by Kirby’s previous relationship with Bob.

Theo and Kirby resolve to uphold the rule, but will they be able to withstand pressure to break it?

Marilyn tries to boost Roo’s confidence

In order to find a new focus for her life, Roo posts advertisements for her tutoring services throughout Summer Bay.

Marilyn tries to comfort Roo when she expresses concern about the lack of interest being shown in her poster at the diner by removing a few tabs to give the appearance of intense interest.

Marilyn is quickly caught off guard by Alf, who presses her to realise that her strategy will fail. Marilyn agrees to tell Roo the truth in a sheepish manner.

Ziggy keeps a secret from Dean

Lyrik, who lack a vehicle to carry their equipment to shows, approach Ziggy for assistance in getting a van. Ziggy is hesitant to assist because Remi’s excessive flirtation with her has already gotten Dean’s goat.

When Remi promises to stop annoying Dean in exchange for assistance, Ziggy quietly begins looking for a suitable van that is within Lyrik’s price range. When Mac discovers what Ziggy is up to, she warns her against acting in such a manner behind Dean’s back.

Later, Ziggy discovers a van that’s two hours distant and offers to take Remi there to look it over. Ziggy decides not to reveal her plans to Dean once more.

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