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5 Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 8th to 10th July

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Next week on Coronation Street, Roy collapses after Nina and Shona’s plan backfires, but who is the mystery person who visits him in hospital?

Elsewhere, Toyah goes undercover at the Institute, while Maria catches out Gary and Sarah, and Betsy asks Carla for a job.

1) Roy fights for his life

Roy (David Neilson) has been doing it tough since his release from prison, following suspicions that he had been behind the disappearance of Lauren (Cait Fitton). The cafe owner remained holed up in his flat above the cafe, not feeling up to facing the public who until recently had reason to believe that he was a murderer.

In a last ditch attempt to bring him back out of his shell, Nina (Mollie Gallagher) and Shona (Julia Goulding) had concocted a ruse that Shona had fallen ill, forcing an overworked Nina to ask Roy to help her out in the cafe.

When he heard the smoke alarm going off, Roy finally came back downstairs and returned to the helm.

However, next week Nina and Shona’s plan backfires in a dramatic fashion. Still believing Shona to be ill, Roy packs up a thermos of homemade soup to take over to her. But as he heads out of the cafe, he’s confronted by a gang of unruly youths.

Roy is overwhelmed, and as he retreats to Victoria Gardens the youths surround him and shout abuse. Luckily Carla (Alison King) is nearby and races to assist Roy, who is clearly in pain, and sends the yobs on their way.

Later, a guilty Shona checks in on Roy and is forced to admit that she hadn’t been ill in the first place. Frustrated with yet another lie from the people he trusts, Roy orders Shona and Evelyn (Maureen Lipman), who had also been in on the secret, to leave.

As Shona updates Nina on what’s happened, they see an ambulance blaring past. Following it round to Victoria Street, they’re horrified to find it stop outside the cafe.

Rushing inside, Shona and Nina find a lifeless Roy on the floor with paramedics performing chest compressions on him!

2) Roy receives a shock visitor

Roy is swiftly transferred to Weatherfield General, and as he lies unconscious, he receives a surprise visitor at his bedside…

As we return to the scene in a very special episode later in the week, Roy is vaguely aware of the person standing over him as he drifts in and out of consciousness, before they disappear completely.

When Roy eventually rallies around and tells Nina about his visitor, she is shocked and wonders whether he could have been hallucinating.

Who is this unknown individual?

3) Toyah adopts a disguise

Toyah is still in shock over at Victoria Court following her shocking diagnosis last week. Toyah was first informed that she was pregnant after being taken to the hospital unexpectedly.

Given that it could only have been the child of soon-to-be brother-in-law Nick (Ben Price) after their illicit liaison, this was shocking enough.

After an ultrasound, however, it was discovered that Toyah was not pregnant at all and that the false positive was actually a growth on her ovary.

Following the happiness of becoming pregnant, Toyah’s 19-year-old daughter’s stillbirth, and years of infertility problems, she is now potentially dealing with ovarian cancer.

Despite her assurances to support Toyah during her biopsy and CT scan, sister Leanne (Jane Danson) was convinced to attend an additional session by Institute leader Rowan (Emrhys Cooper).

Leanne participated in a strange and terrifying ritual there where she was confronted by organization members about her past transgressions. She overcame them by expressing her desire to be set free.

Leanne later explained that the session had allowed her to reach a higher level of consciousness that would, in fact, benefit Toyah in the future, much to Nick’s ire that she would continue to put the evil cult before her own family.

Exasperated, Nick told his brother David (Jack P. Shephard) that he wasn’t even sure he was still in love with Leanne.

Leanne tells Nick that she will spend the day with her sister the following week while Toyah starts to wait for her test results. But as is always the case, Rowan soon gives Leanne a call to let her know that she’s supposed to go to a taster session for prospective hires.

The unexpected thing that happens is that Toyah offers to accompany her. Why has Toyah suddenly changed her opinion of the Institute when she had previously been against it for weeks, telling everyone who would listen that it was a huge scam before being forced to sign an NDA?

Well it’s certainly not because she feels that she could find solace there. Toyah still has every intention of bringing them down, but knows she has to take a different approach.

“She doesn’t go that far with the lie,” Georgia told EverySoap at a recent press event. “She doesn’t say ‘Oh, actually, this could work for me.’ She basically says ‘Okay, look, I’ve been giving you a lot of stick about this for a really long time. Maybe I just need to come along with you and I’ll just hear what it’s all about.’”

“But she’s definitely being deceitful in that she’s pretending to be open minded and interested, when actually what she’s doing is kind of spying really, and trying to get more information.”

Arriving at Chariot Square Hotel for the new recruits event, Leanne is happy to see Amy (Elle Mulvaney) amongst the attendees. Leanne had pitched the Institute to Amy recently as she struggled to cope with the demands of work and home, showing her one of the seminars.

Toyah is worried to see Amy at the Institute because she had attempted to keep her away from it without violating the terms of the NDA.

The prospect of new blood joining the institute excites Rowan, but it may have something to do with the inheritance Amy’s late grandmother Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) left her with in her bank account.

“She’s little lost, and she’s got £40k, so it’s perfect,” Emrhys Cooper laughs. “He’s overheard about the inheritance through Leanne, and he knows that Amy’s lost her way a little bit and needs direction. He thinks he’s the right direction, and he believes it’s going to really benefit her life for the greater cause.”

Whilst Rowan clearly has Amy in his sights, he’s not convinced by Toyah’s sudden change of heart.

“I think Rowan’s pretty cunning, and he’s aware that she’s not going to turn around that quick,” Emrhys adds. “So I think he’s suspicious of her intentions – he’s onto her!”

3) Maria receives shocking news about Mason

Elsewhere, Maria (Samia Longchambon) is horrified next week when she receives a letter informing that bully Mason Radcliffe (Luca Toolan) is set to be released from prison.

Liam (Charlie Wrenshall), Maria’s 14-year-old son, was the target of Mason’s terrifying campaign, which drove Mason to contemplate suicide.

Dylan (Liam McCheyne) had been dragged along for the ride by Mason, but Dylan eventually did the right thing and came forward to testify against Mason after Mason was arrested for threatening Liam with a knife. When Mason was given a custodial sentence, everyone exhaled with relief.

However, Maria wants clarification after learning of Mason’s release less than three months later, so she goes to the Weatherfield police station.

4) Sarah and Gary are released

Sarah, meanwhile, is assisting with their inquiries at the station after DS Lisa Swain (Vicky Myers) discovered that Sarah had given $10,000 to Nathan (Christopher Harper).

Gary (Mikey North) had given Sarah the money so she could convince Nathan, the man abusing her daughter, to leave town. But Nathan broke his word and chose to stay, laughing in her face after taking the money.

Nathan was quick to tell the police about the cash he’d received from Sarah after being arrested for the suspected murder of Lauren. He was certain that Sarah was the one who was going to frame him, especially after DS Kit Green (Jacob Roberts) had hidden forensic evidence in his van.

After dragging Sarah in for interrogation, Lisa threatened to use the money as evidence that it wasn’t the proceeds of crime from her ex-boyfriend Damon (Ciaran Griffiths).

Maria is taken aback to find Sarah in the foyer of the police station, obviously agitated.

When Gary later exits an interview room, having been there to provide the police with his bank statements as evidence of Sarah’s source of wealth, the reason why is quickly revealed.

Will Sarah and Gary tell Maria what’s going on between them when she demands to know?

5) Betsy requests a job from Carla

After her first day of work placement, Lisa’s daughter Betsy (Sydney Martin) is feeling upbeat at the factory. In the end, Carla was happy with Betsy’s sewing machine abilities even though she had to take away her phone because she was texting predator Joel (Calum Lill).

Therefore, Betsy approaches Carla and suggests that she might like to hire her on a full-time basis. Betsy is displeased when Carla quickly dismisses that idea.

However, Betsy appears to be a girl who gets what she wants. Will she be able to convince Carla to think twice then?

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