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7 Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 18th to 21st June

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Next week on Coronation Street, Cassie is Ken’s unexpected saviour, the institute gain an advantage on Toyah and Nick, and Joel finds a new target.

Please note that due to ITV1’s football coverage, Corrie will air on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

1) Cassie steps in to help the Barlows

Following a fall at his house last week, street veteran Ken (William Roache) was filled with anxiety. Feeling sick, the octogenarian departed Stu’s (Bill Fellows) birthday celebrations early at the Rovers. Later, Bobby (Jack Carroll) went next door to check on him and saw Ken lying on the corridor floor. Bobby had peeked through the letterbox.

After being taken to the hospital, it was discovered that Ken had suffered a slight concussion and a fractured pelvis. Although he was fortunate to escape serious injury, his elderly age meant that his recuperation would be prolonged and he would need 24-hour care at home.

Although Ken wasn’t really excited about the concept, he understood that it was his last chance to be let to go back to No. 1.

Next week, Daniel (Rob Mallard), Amy (Elle Mulvaney) and Steve (Simon Gregson) talk in Rovers about the situation, wondering how they’re going to fund a care package.

Meanwhile, Cassie (Claire Sweeney) is at a low ebb after being sacked from the garage by Kevin (Michael Le Vell), when she was overheard badmouthing Abi (Sally Carman-Duttine).

“She lost her job and for someone with an addiction, a former addict having nothing to do is the worst place to be in,” Claire Sweeney tells us. “She can’t risk having time on her hands. She tried to get the job on the switch at Streetcars and Steve just dismissed it. She is upset about that, as one minute he was flirting with her at the speed dating night and then he was saying she is trouble and can’t work on the switch.”

After learning of the Barlows’ predicament, Cassie offers to help take care of Ken by providing her own skills. Despite the fact that she might not be qualified, she says she has some experience providing care and would only charge about 25% of what the professionals do.

“Her ears prick up, she spent a lot of time looking after her ex and she thinks ‘how hard can it be?’” Claire adds.

Amy and Daniel are all for it, and when Steve reluctantly agrees to the proposal too, Cassie is thrilled.

To reassure Ken, Steve makes a small white lie and says they recruited Cassie through an agency, even though Ken isn’t expecting her to show up and play nurse.

Claire clarifies, “They don’t tell Ken that, they let him believe that she is a qualified caregiver even though she never claims to be one.” “He believes she has received all of the checks, and he thinks she told them so, but they just allowed him to believe that.”

After Cassie reveals that she hasn’t got any training and has merely stepped in to save his family some money, Ken quickly realizes he has been duped and realizes Cassie is a fraud at No. 1.

As Cassie reveals that she was upfront with Steve about her lack of qualifications, Ken appears to be changing his mind. Ken is furious about the deception and quickly makes the decision to fire Cassie.

Ken obviously isn’t really liking the idea that he needs care,” Claire continues. “There is a lovely scene with him where she says, look, you know, sometimes you’ve got to allow yourself to be helped. People don’t want help sometimes, but it’s a kindness to let someone help you because it makes them feel good. And it works for you as well.

Also he has to think about his family too and this helps them. She tells him that she never claimed to be a qualified carer, she told Steve and Amy the truth, that she cared for her ex. Once Ken realises this he is more open to the idea.

Ken agrees to keep Cassie on, and it seems that both are surprised by the friendship that quickly forms between them.

“She tells him she understands if he would prefer her to go but he says ‘No stay and we will go for some lunch’,” Claire reveals. “Over lunch they laugh together and you can see that they are good company for each other. You will see them playing cards together and having lots of banter, it is a while since Ken has really laughed like that. She has kind of put a little spring in his step.”

“Suddenly she feels useful and appreciated. So it’s worked for both of them. There is no father figure in her life either, and hasn’t been for some time. So that is another thing for her that really gives her a purpose and a genuine friendship with Ken.”

Although Ken and Cassie appear to be the newest “odd couple” on the block, Ken isn’t the only male in the home who has had Cassie put a gleam in his eye.

During a recent speed dating event, Steve and Cassie engaged in some flirtatious banter, but it ended there. Amy notices that beneath the teasing, there’s an unmistakable spark between them—something Steve swiftly denies—and Steve can’t help but wind Cassie up by saying one of her first tasks at the house is to trim Ken’s toenails.

“She’s kind of enjoying the banter with Steve,” Claire admits. “Simon and I were talking about it and they are like young kids in the playground, when the boy you fancy comes up and annoys you and runs away, that’s what it is, it’s as basic as that. Classic romcom stuff and it will be interesting to see that develop.”

2) Toyah is betrayed as she buries baby Rose

On Victoria Street, Toyah (Georgia Taylor) is having a tough day because it’s now time to say goodbye to her baby, Rose. Back in 2001, at the age of 19, Toyah had given birth unexpectedly to her stillborn daughter and buried the child herself in North Cross Park.

Toyah was detained on suspicion of murder after Rose’s bones were discovered, and it quickly became clear that Rowan (Emrhys Cooper), the head of the evil self-improvement organization that Leanne (Jane Danson) has been dragged into, had given the authorities information.

Toyah had already been served with a defamation case for her online criticism of the institute, and Rowan’s cunning maneuver caused her to skip her court date.

Leanne says that she will pay for Rose’s burial from her own resources the next week because Toyah is unable to afford the kind of farewell she believes Rose deserves.

Toyah is holding a yellow teddy bear while George (Tony Maudsley) tenderly places Rose’s small coffin in the hearse outside Shuttleworths. Then, seeing Rowan viewing the event from Victoria Gardens, she becomes enraged and attacks him violently.

As a stunned Leanne looked on, Toyah shoos Rowan away and makes it clear that he’s not welcome anywhere near her at this vulnerable moment.

When Leanne is eventually made to acknowledge that Rowan was the one who truly covered the funeral costs, Toyah is appalled. Forever marred is what Toyah believed would be a proper memorial service for her daughter.

Nick is devastated by Leanne’s betrayal, and Toyah goes looking for Rowan to tell him that she will stop at nothing to reveal the horrible man he truly is. Despite his calm demeanor, Rowan feels rattled.

3) Toyah and Nick give in to temptation!

Toyah sobs as he tries to apologize for Leanne’s actions when she comes home and finds Nick by himself in the apartment. After their illicit kiss last week, their love is still strong, and as Nick carries Toyah in his arms, they indulge in another passionate kiss.

They are unaware, though, that a man is watching them from the abandoned construction yard across from the balcony where they are standing. After sharing a night of sleep, Nick and Toyah swiftly decide that they should never do it again and maintain their distance from one another.

But Toyah’s suggestion that they have no choice but to tell Leanne the truth forces the two to realize they’ve been put in a tight spot.

Rowan can’t help but gloat as he places an NDA in front of Toyah and offers she sign it when the institution meets later at the bistro.

Toyah declares her plan to come clean to Leanne and refuses to give in to blackmail, but Rowan is equally at ease with that. It means he can be there for Leanne and pick up the pieces, after all.

Nick and Toyah are left fuming as Rowan delivers a major statement declaring that Leanne has advanced to Level 5 of the institute. A very proud Leanne is greeted with applause!

4) Summer finds Paul’s error embarrassing.

Paul (Peter Ash) is still figuring out how to use his Eyegaze device, which enables him to write words with his eyes and have the computer read them out, over at the flower shop apartment..

Summer (Harriet Bibby) brought her new boyfriend Felix (Robin Morrissey) with her when she returned from her studies in the US last week. The age gap between Paul and Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) caused some friction, and Paul wasn’t fond of Felix’s small eccentricities.

Summer and Felix arrive at the apartment just in time to witness Paul acting out a message expressing his disapproval of Felix. Though it’s too late, Billy and Todd (Gareth Pierce) make a valiant effort to figure out how to turn off the machine.

Felix quickly leaves as the message keeps repeating, mortifying Summer in the process.

It remains to be seen if their relationship will last, but by midweek, Summer is saying goodbye to Felix at the airport and telling Paul that she will miss him. But Paul’s thoughts are elsewhere. Paul finally gets the news he’s been dreading when his occupational therapist calls to see how he’s doing after he falls down the stairs: using his stairlift is no longer safe.

5) Has Abi located the person behind her deepfake?

Adult films that seem to include Abi have been making their way around the internet over the past few weeks. When Abi finally realized they had been staged, she was relieved, even though at first she wasn’t sure if they could be recovered from her addiction. However, the identity of the person behind them is still unknown.

The news that Corey Brent, the man who killed her son, was the subject of a documentary about his prison football team and was portrayed as a hero as well as a shock Abi.

After voicing their concerns at the producer’s office and gathering further support, Abi and Nina (Mollie Gallagher) managed to have the series canceled.

After landing a new job at a magazine the following week, Bethany (Lucy Fallon) informs Sarah (Tina O’Brien) that she has been assigned to write a feature endorsing Corey.

When Bethany tells Abi, she’s outraged, and more investigation shows that the magazine’s owner is none other than Stefan Brent (Paul Opacic), Corey’s father! Furthermore, the production company that produced the documentary has him on its board of directors.

Abi surmises that Stefan must have been the one to produce the deepfake films of her as payback when all of a sudden everything fits into place.

After Stefen is reported to the police, Lisa (Vicky Myers) brings him in for questioning, and Abi and Kevin observe.

Bethany tries to resign from her position, but Abi reminds her that having someone inside could be helpful. Later, Kevin approaches Bethany without Abi’s awareness and says that he would really appreciate it if she could provide him a security clearance to the Stefan offices.

By the next day, Kevin has obtained Stefan’s cell phone and calls Max (Paddy Bever) to inquire about the possibility of hacking it. Later, at the garage, Tyrone (Alan Halsall) checks an email and is perplexed to see a hidden camera of Kevin searching through someone’s office.

Kevin pretends that it’s just another deepfake, but he doesn’t anticipate Tyrone telling Abi and Craig (Colson Smith) anything about it afterwards.

When Kevin returns to Stefan’s office, he is told that he could face severe consequences due to the video. Kevin is shocked to discover Craig and Abi waiting for him at home, eager to tell him all about the latest deepfake video.

6) Gemma and Chesney confront their landlord

At the Winter-Brown residence, following yet another chilly shower, Chesney (played by Sam Aston) and Gemma (played by Dolly-Rose Campbell) realize their boiler has finally died and must wait for the landlord to install a new one.

When we eventually catch up with Keith Dickinson, the No. 5 landlord who has been missing, he stalls further by requesting a second opinion. Ches decides to acquire an electric shower since they are less expensive to install than a boiler as the family has to wait longer into the week.

The couple debates whether to follow Dee-Dee’s (Channique Sterling-Brown) advice when she subsequently tells Gemma and Ches that they can denounce their landlord for neglecting to make a necessary repair. However, might there be repercussions?

Ches is shocked to discover that Carrie-Ann (Chloe Carter), the mother of a buddy from his upscale private school, believes her son Joseph (William Flanagan) is the proprietor of a sizable catering business when she drops him off at home.

It’s definitely better than serving kebabs at Prima Doner, and while Joseph seems apologetic, a visibly upset Ches wonders whether his son feels embarrassed of him.

7) Joel surveys a fresh victim

Next week, Joel (Calum Lill), who was recently revealed to the public as Lauren’s (Cait Fitton) assailant, sees Lauren’s old neighbor Sabrina (Luana Santos) dejectedly standing outside the police station. Sabrina tells him that her brother Gav (Noah Olaoye) has been taken into custody as he asks how she is doing.

Joel gives him his business card and is eager to help if she needs it. Joel leaves, subtly happy that he has a new target in sight as Sabrina’s friend Sydney Martin arrives. The two go inside.

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