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7 Emmerdale Spoilers for Next Week – 18th to 21st June

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Next week on Emmerdale, Amy and Moira visit Matty in prison, Kerry attempts to trick Josh into confessing, Rose continues to get under Kim’s skin, and Nicky plans to leave.

Please note, due to football coverage on ITV1, a double episode of Emmerdale will air on Tuesday, followed by single episodes on Wednesday and Friday. There are no episodes on Monday or Thursday.

1) Matty’s fears grow

Fractures appear amongst the Dingle family next week as Matty (Ash Palmisciano) remains incarcerated following the incident at The Hide last week.

Matty had been subject to transphobic abuse from Samson’s (Sam Hall) new friend Josh Cope (Osian Morgan) as they had a drink in the eatery, with Matty shocked that step-cousin Samson just seemed to be going along with it.

After Matty forced them to leave, Josh took offence and the two went back inside to not only demand a refund, but the rest of the contents of the till.

Matty tried to defend himself by refusing to comply with their requests, but while he cleared the cutlery and pizza board, Josh pushed Samson in Matty’s direction, where he was wielding a steak knife.

When Matty realized that Samson had been stabbed by the knife, he was appalled. Josh and Samson both said that Matty had attacked them on purpose.

Later, when Matty begged Samson to confess the truth, Samson denounced Matty to the police on charges of intimidation.

As a result, his bail was revoked, and Matty is currently being kept in jail on remand as he awaits his hearing. Meanwhile, Cain and Moira are at differences with Sam (James Hooton) and Lydia (Karen Blick), who are supporting Samson throughout.

While this would be a horrific experience for any innocent person, Matty’s transgender status makes him a prime target for other prisoners should they learn of it. This was confirmed to him by Benedict Relton, a prison guard who watched over him during his transfer.

Despite being told by the guard that he would have his own cell, Matty’s fearful silence in the prison van has already put him in danger; a fellow inmate has vowed to learn everything there is to know about him.

Matty is obviously agitated, and next week wife Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and mother Moira (Natalie J Robb) can finally see him.

Fearing that Moira will overhear them, Matty hastily hushes her when she brings up his medication. Later, he admits that he hasn’t taken a shower since entering the institution.

As Matty’s visitation period comes to a close, Moira and Amy are devastated to see him in such distress.

Over at Wishing Well Cottage, Samson is paid a visit by Cain (Jeff Hordley), who implores Samson to see reason and tell the truth about what really happened.

Cain knows full well that Josh was responsible for the incident, and reminds Samson of how Matty would fare in prison.

2) Moira’s words cut deep

Moira is frustrated when she later hears that Samson is still sticking to his story, and wonders if she can succeed where Cain has seemingly failed, commenting that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

As Moira talks with Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) at the Woolpack, she spots Samson heading to the toilets, and decides to follow him in there…

Though the details of what transpires remain under wraps, Cain is unhappy to learn of the occurrence and cautions Moira that she might end up hurting Matty’s case even more. However, Moira isn’t having it and mercilessly emasculates Cain for his own inability to get Samson to see reason.

Cain was deeply hurt by Moira’s remarks, and even the next morning, he was still irritated by Moira’s attempts at an apology. Cain returns to Butlers later, having drowned his sorrows at the Woolpack, and things quickly get out of hand with Moira.

Moira is left shaken, now worried that as well as potentially losing her son to prison, her marriage could be on the verge of breaking down.

3) Kerry attempts to trick Josh

Later in the week, Amy’s mum Kerry (Laura Norton) makes her own attempt to help. With cocky teen Josh thinking he’s god’s gift to women, having flirted with Lydia, Amy and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) over the past week, Kerry is sure that with a little persuasion she could get him to talk.

With her phone secretly recording their conversation, Kerry attempts to schmooze Josh who appears to be lapping it up.

The moment is interrupted by the arrival of Samson and Charity (Emma Atkins), but has Kerry managed to get what she needs to help prove Matty’s innocence?

4) Belle decides to get an abortion.

In another part of the community, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) makes a momentous choice after learning that she is expecting a child with her violent husband Tom (James Chase).

Although Belle had no intention of alerting Tom about the pregnancy, she ultimately revealed it to protect herself from further physical abuse when he lifted his hand to strike her last week.

Belle has already made the decision to end the pregnancy when she sees the midwife this week. In addition to her fear of Tom, Belle believes she is experiencing mental health issues as a result of Tom’s recent gaslighting of her.

Tom purposefully locked Belle inside the house last week; as a result, she was unable to unlock the doors when a minor fire broke out. When Tom came back, Belle had berated him for locking her in, only for him to stick a set of keys in the kitchen cupboard and say she had left them there herself. His deceit was successful, as Belle came to believe it was her own fault.

Belle’s devastated by the lengths she’s been driven to after confirming the appointment for a scan in advance of the termination.

As she later tries to arrange transport, Tom having recently sold her car from under her, Belle is on the phone to a taxi firm. The only issue is paying for it—with Tom having taken control of all their finances she no longer has easy access to any funds.

Belle quickly hangs up when Tom returns home, and as he compliments her makeup, she takes the opportunity to ask him to take a photo.

As he unlocks his phone, Belle makes a mental note of his pin, and later attempts to gain access to the joint account on his banking app whilst Tom is upstairs. Belle is shocked however when she spots another app on there, and realises that he has been tracking her movements all this time.

Belle later tries to find a way to convince Tom to let her borrow his car, but is left feeling even more trapped when he refuses. When she finds his spare key, Belle decides to risk taking his car without his knowledge in order to make her way to the abortion clinic.

Spotting Amelia (Daisy Campbell), Belle asks her if she’d be willing to look after dog Piper (Minnie) for a couple of hours, and secretly slips her tracked phone into baby Esther’s pram so it remains in the village and doesn’t raise Tom’s suspicions.

A nervous Belle tries to be inconspicuous as she gets into Tom’s car, and as she later arrives at the clinic, she struggles to make sense of the whole situation.

With the tablets now in her possession, will a seemingly determined Belle go through with the termination?

5) Manpreet moves out

Over at Woodbine, relations between Charles (Kevin Mathurin) and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) haven’t improved, after Charles’s outburst following his son Ethan’s (Emile John) funeral.

Struggling with his grief, Charles had drowned his sorrows in the Woolpack before heading home with Manpreet and telling her that he didn’t want her there.

As Manpreet tried to reason with Charles, figuring he was just channelling his hurt, it seemed Charles was adamant.

I don’t want you here, just pack your bags and go.

Next week, Charles’s mum Claudette (Flo Wilson) is concerned to hear of the development and encourages Manpreet to fight for her relationship. But it appears that even when sobered up, Charles has not changed his mind. Bob (Tony Audenshaw) is saddened when Manpreet later arrives at the B&B to check-in with her bags.

Are Charles and Manpreet over for good?

6) Evan’s coming home

There’s some good news up at Home Farm when Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) learn that they will soon be able to bring baby Evan home from hospital, amidst his battle with leukaemia.

But Dawn acknowledges to Will (Dean Andrews) that she’s still worried about the dangers of being in close proximity to Lucas and Clemmie, worried that she might infect an unwary Evan.

Meanwhile, Dawn’s mum Rose (Christine Tremarco) continues to get under Kim’s (Claire King) skin.

Kim is unaware that Rose has joined forces with Ruby (Beth Cordingley) to overthrow the lady of the manor—from within her own house.

Rose is pleased with the latest developments, as she informs Ruby that their plan is coming together…

7) Will Nicky and Suni leave the village?

But although Ruby battles to regain her son Nicky’s (Lewis Cope) affection, she has other worries as well. Nicky wants his parents to permanently leave his life after a particularly terrible few weeks during which he had to fight for his life after the automobile accident involving Ethan.

Nicky was already irritated with his father Caleb (Will Ash) for controlling him and not being able to take him seriously, so when Ruby used her car to hit Ethan as payback, it was too much for him to handle.

Ruby was prepared to confess to the police for Nicky’s sake after Ethan passed away a few days later, but she was later informed that Ethan’s death was not related to the hit-and-run incident but rather an aneurysm.

Later, after Nicky and his parents got into a heated argument about their shortcomings, Nicky punched his father and said he was done with them both.

The following week, Nicky toy with the notion of separating from Caleb and Ruby further more by proposing to his partner Suni (Brahamdeo Shannon Ramana) that the two of them move out together.

With Nicky having only been in the village a little over 18 months, and Suni having arrived in July of last year, will the pair be looking to move on so soon?

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