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7 Emmerdale Spoilers for Next Week – 24th to 28th June

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The following week on Emmerdale, Pollard keeps abusing Jai, Matty acquires a frightening new cellmate, and Tom electrocutes himself after discovering the truth about Belle’s deeds.

Please be aware that Emmerdale will only air on Monday, Thursday, and Friday of next week owing to ITV1’s football programming.

1) Belle makes the decision to act

Next week, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) will fight to maintain her composure after surreptitiously aborting her violent husband Tom’s (James Chase) child.

Belle has been convinced that her mental state has deteriorated due to Tom’s manipulation. Tom was ecstatic to learn that Belle was expecting a child because he had shown a strong desire to have a family and was prepared to beat Belle if she revealed her pregnancy.

However, Tom’s attempt at gaslighting has backfired. Belle chose to abandon the pregnancy since she felt unprepared to be a mother while her mental health was allegedly fragile. She was then compelled to use Tom’s automobile to go to a clinic in Hotten.

When Tom came back after a call-out, Belle hurried to hide from her husband and didn’t notice that her ticket from the parking lot had slipped into the passenger footwell, where it was waiting for Tom to find it.

Rachel (Natasha Cottriall), Belle’s mental health care coordinator, will see her the following week to make sure she’s doing well after leaving the mental health clinic early.

But Belle’s thoughts are consumed by the Tom predicament, and she eventually confesses to Rachel that she told her husband she had miscarried following the termination.

As the session progresses, Belle worries that her actions are starting to raise suspicions in Rachel’s mind regarding Tom’s coercive actions.

2) Tom injured as he discovers the truth

At Butlers, meanwhile, Belle’s tale is already unraveling when Tom finds out from Noah (Jack Downham) that Belle didn’t really accompany Amelia (Daisy Campbell) on her walk of Piper yesterday as she had stated, but had instead gone into town for an appointment.

Tom’s rage flares up when he finally learns Belle’s actual location from the previous day. Everything finally clicks.

Tom, in a fit of irrational fury, takes a nearby crowbar and begins destroying the barn. However, Tom loses his cool and swings the crowbar, hitting the rotary isolator on the wall behind him.

After receiving a significant electric shock, Tom is flung across the room, colliding with a wooden beam and unconsciously landing on the floor.

Belle is unaware that Tom is battling for his life as they board the cab to head out of the village and toward Scotland.

During a press conference this week, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw told EverySoap and other reporters that there might still be some story to tell.

She remarked, “We wanted to tell this story as authentically as we could from the beginning.” “Domestic abuse is not something that ends in a few weeks for those who experience it.”

We want to be honest about the fact that this is something that takes a long time. This plot should last till the end of the year, I believe. Even though there have undoubtedly been fresh turns and twists as we’ve gone through, we’ve always had a clear concept of where we want it to end.

James Chase responded, “I think it has to happen, it’s what he deserves,” when asked how he felt about Tom eventually having to exact his revenge. After all the suffering we’ve watched Belle go through, I believe the viewer demands justice for what’s happened to Belle.

3) Matty has a new cellmate

When Matty (Ash Palmisciano) requests Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) not to visit him in prison, Amy’s worries about him intensify in another part of the hamlet.

After inadvertently stabbing his step-cousin Samson (Sam Hall) at The Hop, Matty is currently awaiting his court appearance.

After the incident, Matty begged Samson to tell the truth about what actually transpired before he was first released on bond.

Before telling Matty to empty the cash, Samson’s pal Josh (Osian Morgan) has been abusing Matty transphobic remarks. Samson was stabbed on a knife that Matty happened to be holding while cleaning dishes as Josh shoved him in Matty’s direction.

However, Samson had further abandoned Matty by telling the police that Matty had been attempting to intimidate him, which resulted in the revocation of his bail, instead of confronting Josh.

Matty has been put in a cell by himself and has made every effort to keep his distance from the other prisoners because he is aware that being a trans man in prison could pose a threat to him.

Next week, Matty gets off his cell to chat to Amy on the phone. Although their conversation is tense and rushed, it’s the highlight of his day to be able to speak with his wife.

Later, Matty finds to his horror that a frightening-looking prisoner named Les (Stacey J Gough) has moved in with him in his cell.

Matty finds it difficult to react to Les’s playful taunting, and he knows that if Les discovers the truth about him, it could put Matty’s life in jeopardy.

4) Cain visits Matty

By the time he receives a visit from stepdad Cain (Jeff Hordley) later in the week, Matty is a nervous wreck. Cain’s attempts to bolster him fail miserably, as Matty points out Les to Cain as he struggles to keep his emotions under wraps.

Cain tells Matty that he might have to use violence against anyone who puts him in danger, but he can only speak from his own experience.

For mild-mannered Matty, the entire thought of fighting back is abhorrent, especially since it may endanger his chances of getting released, but he realizes he might not have much of an option.

Will Matty heed Cain’s advice, or continue to suffer in silence?

5) Pollard tests Jai’s patience

Up at The Hide, Eric (Chris Chittell) is seriously starting to try Jai’s (Chris Bisson) patience as he continues to hold the circumstances of Amit’s (Anil Goutam) departure over him.

After being brought up by Rishi (Bhasker Patel), Jai had only recently discovered that Rishi’s brother Amit was his actual biological father. This was later followed by the shocking twist that Amit had secretly been responsible for Rishi’s death—pushing him down the stairs at Holdgate in order to become the sole beneficiary of a deceased uncle’s will.

Jai had pushed Amit down the same stairs, giving him a taste of his own medicine, but he made it out with a fractured leg.

To force Amit to sign away his shares in Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits and therefore deprive his half-brother Suni of any potential inheritance, Jai tortured him until he consented to leave the area.

The only person who knows about Jai’s embarrassing secret is Eric, who discovered the scene and has been staying silent in exchange for a hefty tab at The Hide.

Next week, things between Jai and Eric remain strained, and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) is curious to observe what appears to be a furious exchange between the two.

When Laurel asks about it, Jai pretends not to be angry with Eric, but when Eric subsequently forgets to pay for his drinks, she starts to have serious doubts. When she questions Eric, all he says is that if she has any problems, she should talk to Jai.

As they make their way home, Laurel confronts Jai about Eric’s peculiar demeanor because she believes he must be jealous of her.

Will Jai come clean about Amit’s exit now that the net is closing in?

6) Will Nicky convince Suni to move away?

Suni would undoubtedly suffer greatly if the truth were to come to light, as she is already considering leaving the village with her boyfriend Nicky (Lewis Cope).

Nicky is thinking about moving away from home after experiencing a severe falling out with his own parents, and he wants Suni to accompany him.

Suni tells Laurel how much she wants Nicky to leave Emmerdale and asks for her guidance. Jai would be distraught, Laurel notes, if he were to leave, only months after they found out they were actually half-brothers.

Since Laurel has reminded him that compromise is essential in any relationship, Suni is well aware of what he would be giving up.

Will Nicky be able to get him to relocate?

7) Is Dawn exposing herself to potential heartache?

As Evan, the infant, is finally permitted to return home while receiving treatment for leukemia, there is joy up at Home Farm.

Even though the family has gone to great lengths to protect the vulnerable Evan, Dawn (Olivia Bromley) is unsatisfied and continues to worry that Lucas and Clemmie may come into contact with their infant brother.

Billy, played by Jay Kontzle, and Kim, played by Claire King, are worried about Dawn’s growing paranoia.

Later in the week, Dawn receives some support from her mother Rose (Christine Tremarco), who acknowledges her parenting skills and says Dawn is a better person than she was when she was five years old.

The tense couple becomes closer in that time, but is Dawn just setting herself up for tragedy because Rose has a hidden agenda to harm Kim?

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