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Anxiety prompted Coronation Street star Samia Longchambon to drop 40th birthday party

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Samia Longchambon, a star of Coronation Street, has been frank and open about her past struggles with anxiety.

She first used her platform to spread awareness in June by discussing how cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) affected her.

The actress who plays Maria Connor made the following remarks when appearing on ITV’s Lorraine:

“Last year, I took a course in it [CBT] on my own. I earned a diploma in it, just a foundation diploma so I could pursue it in greater depth, but I just thought it would be interesting to learn how it all works from the therapist’s perspective and, in a way, go behind the scenes of the therapy while also attempting to help myself.”

It’s amazing, she added, “because it just offers you a different way of looking at things, whereas typically you may catastrophize them—I know I do, anyway—just go from like nought to 100.

It enables you to approach the situation differently and moderately decelerate your mental process.

Samia places a high priority on taking care of her mental health, so lately, in advance of her 40th birthday—which is today!—she decided to postpone her party because she knew it would make her more anxious:

She said to OK! Magazine, “I know with the work I do this sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but I loathe being the center of attention and I feel too scared to organize a party.

“At one point, I entertained the idea of hosting a private dinner and renting out a space for my closest friends. Even yet, I didn’t want to anger anyone by leaving them out. I enjoyed a really beautiful spa weekend with five of my close friends instead, including Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby), my bridesmaids, and my friend Kim, because the notion of it all got too stressful. It was pretty pleasant.
Samia discussed her anxieties with Metro.co.uk last year during Mental Health Awareness Week.

She admitted to having generalized anxiety, saying, “I worry about everything, and a lot of the time, I have no idea what I’m worried about.” Investigating CBT and participating in online

I took the course to receive a diploma for it, and it was then that I realized I suffer from general anxiety problem.

Maria from Coronation Street is currently receiving online trolls.

She recently learned that her head had been photo-shopped onto the body of a naked woman, giving the impression that she was in a pornographic movie.

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