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Big moments coming up. 12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Next week on Home and Away, Heather steps up her twisted attempts to cause trouble for Marilyn.

Elsewhere, Tane and Nikau receive an update about their court case, while Rose gets some unexpected career news.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

 Marilyn tries to reassure her friends

Leah advises Marilyn to have her prescription examined by a doctor as she has been acting strangely since Heather’s arrival in the Bay. Marilyn accepts it because she wants to keep the situation’s true nature a secret.

Heather poses as caring for Marilyn, but this just increases doubts about her true motivations. Heather tells a fib, claiming that Roo, not Nikau, informed her of her mental health difficulties when Marilyn inquires how Heather is aware of them.

Heather plays mind games with Marilyn

Heather slips in and leaves an empty bottle of wine next to Marilyn as she snoozes on the couch at home. To frighten Marilyn, she also places a photo of her as a baby on her.

When Marilyn awakens the following morning, she is startled to learn that someone has been in the house. Roo enters and thinks Marilyn has been drinking before she can finish cleaning up.

 Marilyn confides in Leah

Marilyn approaches her breaking point after several uncomfortable interactions with Heather, who is still playing games with her, and she decides to confide in Leah. Marilyn tells Leah that she thinks Heather might be her long-lost daughter, and Leah is stunned.

Marilyn remembers the painful account of her affair with a married guy when she was his domestic. Marilyn’s lover and his wife put pressure on her to give up her newborn daughter after the baby was born, and she consented.

Marilyn promises to keep Leah’s information a secret, feeling guilty that she didn’t put up more of a fight at the time.

Marilyn is framed for abuse

When Jett contacts John and claims to have gotten a harsh text from Marilyn, John is stunned. The implication is that an adopted child will never be able to hold a candle to a biological one.

When John confronts Marilyn about the text, she claims she had no knowledge of it and that someone must have posed as her.

Marilyn seemed genuinely appalled that John and her friends would think she sent such a foul message, but will she come up and say that she thinks Heather was to blame?

Rose receives unexpected news

Rose learns that her efforts to dismantle the biker gang have earned her a commendation plaque.

Rose tells Xander about the information and says she doesn’t feel confident taking the compliments after Cash was shot. She considers declining, but Xander is adamant and asks Cash for assistance.

Rose makes her decision

Xander intrudes by informing Cash about Rose’s compliment as he is having lunch with the Delaney siblings. Cash is surprised to learn that Rose would decline it for his advantage and he doesn’t hesitate to point out that she wasn’t at fault for getting shot.

Rose chooses to accept the award after all, with Cash’s approval. Cash, though, makes it evident that he is still having personal difficulties when he goes back to the Parata home and locks himself in his bedroom.

 Cash crosses the line with Rose

After drowning his sorrows, Cash visits Rose at her apartment with a bottle of champagne to celebrate her career success. He still isn’t his usual self and ends up crossing the line by trying to kiss Rose.

Rose is stunned by Cash’s behaviour and pulls away, before asking him to leave.

Tane and Nikau receive some welcome news

When a court date regarding the biker gang drama is finally established, Tane and Nikau feel relieved.

The good news is that the sentencing will take place in a closed court, which allays the pair’s fears that the gang may send spies to observe their punishment.

Kirby and Theo make a PR plan

The responsibility of coming up with PR ideas for Lyrik falls to Kirby and Theo. They intend to revive Theo’s 50,000-follower online video channel, which he previously used for prank pranks with Ryder.

Kirby and Theo create a duet and post it online in the hopes that it will increase interest in the band. Theo is unsure whether Eden and Remi will be miffed about being left out, but the choice pays off when a reputable writer contacts him and requests an interview.

Kirby and Theo make another move without their bandmates

Because he is in town for another job, the journalist Tully Dixon can only complete the interview in one hour. Kirby and Theo make frantic attempts to contact Remi and Eden, but when they don’t answer, they continue with the interview without them.

When the interview is published, tensions rise inside Lyrik, with a heavy emphasis on Kirby and Theo and a scant mention of Remi and Eden.

Remi is attacked

After feeling rejected by Kirby and Theo, Remi begins to doubt his future in Lyrik. However, Bree convinces him otherwise and urges him to stick doing what he loves.

Later, Remi busks in front of the Surf Club but is reprimanded by John for doing so without a permit. Remi and John are having a disagreement when a robber comes in and snatches Remi’s guitar case, which is filled with change.

When Remi pursues the criminal, the latter tackles him and knocks him out with the guitar box.

Ziggy makes a decision over her pregnancy

After noticing Ziggy acting strangely and turning down alcoholic beverages, Mackenzie surmises that she is pregnant.

It makes Ziggy feel better to have someone to talk to, and she tells Mac that she’s conflicted about her future because she’d originally planned to prioritise raising a family above pursuing a professional surfing career.

Finally, Ziggy informs Dean that she has decided to have the baby and that they will do so.

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