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Friday, July 19, 2024

Channel Seven announces special about Ray Meagher’s career

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During tonight’s triple bill of Home and Away, Channel Seven announced that they will be airing a This is Your Life special centred around Ray Meagher.

Hosted by Melissa Doyle, the special will document Ray’s incredible life on the Seven Network, playing the country’s longest serving television character Ray Meagher.

The event, which will be hosted by Melissa Doyle, will chronicle Ray’s extraordinary life while he was Ray Meagher, the longest-running television character in the nation, on the Seven Network.

The special which will go to air on Tuesday 11th October will feature Ray alongside several former cast members, including Kate Ritchie and Chris Hemsworth.

When it comes to Aussie TV legends, Ray Meagher is the record breaker,” the Seven Network announcer declares.

Ray Meagher, this is your life,” Melissa Doyle touts.

Later, the announcer adds “how a footy playing rebel became the icon Alf Stewart.” 

Kate and Chris are joined by Dannii Minogue (Emma Jackson), Julian McMahon (Ben Lucini), Stephen Peacocke (Darryl Braxton), Bec Hewitt (Hayley Smith), and Ryan Kwanten to reminisce about Ray’s career (Vinnie Patterson).

Ailsa Stewart, Sharyn Hodgson, Tom Fletcher, Roger Oakley, and Vanessa Downing were among the other original regular cast members who appeared in the advertisement (Pippa Fletcher).

Kate and Chris are joined by Ryan Kwanten, Dannii Minogue, Julian McMahon, Stephen Peacocke, Darryl Braxton, Bec Hewitt, and Hayley Smith to reflect on Ray’s career (Vinnie Patterson).

Additionally featured in the campaign were Ailsa Stewart, Sharyn Hodgson, Tom Fletcher, Roger Oakley, and Vanessa Downing from the original regular cast (Pippa Fletcher).

Ray will dive into his time on the show, as well as his upbringing and relationship with wife Gilly, during the programme.

Hosted by Mike Willisee, This is Your Life debuted on the Seven Network in 1975. The show took a break after a five-year run and returned to the Nine Network in 1995. After going through several iterations, the series’ rebirth was declared in January 2022.

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This Is Your Life will air on Tuesday 11th October.

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