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Coronation Street: Cassie will steal from Ken, fans predict

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Coronation Street is back again with more drama and this time Ken is in the mix. Fans have now been predicting Cassie will betray Ken.

Read on to find out exactly how Cassie could hurt Ken in Coronation Street.

Coronation Street recap – Cassie has been caring for Ken

Cassie has offered to care for Ken as his caregiver as of late. After a fall that caused him to heal very slowly, Ken’s physicians recommended getting help.

Fans are curious about Cassie’s genuine motives, as Ken recently discovered that she has no prior experience providing care. Ken fired Cassie after learning of the lie, but Cassie claimed Steve was aware of it all along.

Ken, uncharacteristically, listened to Cassie as she attempted to defend her position and gave Ken her word that she could assist him. He gave Cassie permission to carry on with her caregiving duties, but is Cassie acting honestly?

Fans vs. Cassie

Although Cassie has deceived Ken into believing her falsehoods, viewers of Coronation Street are concerned about his wellbeing.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if Cassie is Ken’s next wife,” a fan commented on X.

“Imagine a love triangle between Ken, Cassie, and Steve,” said someone else.

Fans anticipate Cassie may want to marry Ken for his money, or maybe she’ll just want to defraud him of his money in other ways.

Another fan’s reaction to the most recent plot is as follows: More people have concurred with the audacious claim that “Cassie is obviously going to steal something valuable off Ken and then flog it” and “As if Ken would let Cassie be his carer.” When she arrives, he would have to conceal all he valued.
Do you believe Cassie genuinely cares about others, or do you think Ken is just using him for his money?

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