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Coronation Street fans clock major clue that ‘dead’ Lauren is actually alive

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Fans of Coronation Street have taken to sleuthing and have found a significant clue that points to Lauren Bolton’s (Cait Fitton) possible survival.

This year in February, Lauren vanished from sight. As soon as the police started their inquiry, it was assumed that Roy Cropper (David Neilson), a destitute man, had killed her.

Naturally, we were aware from the beginning that Roy was unrelated to Lauren’s disappearance. Roy was freed and it was established that lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) was the one who committed the crime during a special week of episodes that aired in May.

Prior to his evil deeds that followed, it was disclosed in flashback scenes that Joel and Lauren had been having a sexual connection, which had the potential to end Joel’s life.

In horrifying moments, he grabbed a screaming Lauren, flung her to the ground, and beat her repeatedly with a blunt object.

Although Joel’s true nature is still unknown, we know plots like this will take many unexpected turns. Will one of them be proof that Lauren is alive?

Recently, Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) in the ITV soap opera found out that someone had been using her former London-based workplace credit card.

After becoming a victim of fraud, Bethany looked to Joel for guidance in the hopes of discovering evidence that another person had stolen her identity.

Following this brief storyline, viewers of Coronation Street rushed to social media to speculate about Lauren’s possible relationship, asking if she had stolen the card when she was shown trying to take £5 from Bethany’s purse a few months prior.

Making the call right now… Lauren’s final moments were spent in Bethany’s handbag. Did she somehow copy or snap a photo of Bethany’s business credit card? One Corrie fan commented on X, “I bet the £5 fell out and she was putting it back.”

Another person added, “Think Lauren is in hiding using the credit card.”

In agreement with the sentiment, a fan commented, “Good on ya gal, it’s definitely Lauren who’s been using Bethany’s credit card isn’t it.”

Although it’s unclear if Lauren is still alive, we do know that Calum Lill has been spotted filming in Joel’s place—an abandoned pub—which intrigues us.

He appears to be working with Channique Sterling-Brown, also known as Bethany, and Lucy Fallon, also known as Dee-Dee Bailey, but are they getting near to discovering Lauren’s body?

Or has she been held captive there by Joel?

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