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Coronation Street Fans Speculate on Kit’s Sinister Revenge Plot Against Bernie

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Fans have now “worked out” Corrie’s Kit’s revenge plan, which is heartbreaking. Kit is determined to make his estranged mother Bernie pay for leaving him years ago.

Fans of Coronation Street have “rumbled” about how Kit plans to exact revenge on his mother Bernie.

Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) acknowledged earlier this year that she had a son she gave up for adoption nearly thirty years ago. Bernie only knew that shortly after his birth, he had changed his name from Zodiac to Christopher Green.

Once he was located, it was discovered that he was Christopher “Kit” Green, a detective who had just appeared on the cobbles. When it eventually became known that he was Bernie’s biological son, Kit (Jacob Roberts) demanded no contact with her or her family.

In the meantime, Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Paul (Peter Ash), Bernie’s twins, are unaware that they have a brother.

Furthermore, Kit had a hand in sicko Nathan Curtis’s (Christopher Harper) imprisonment for Lauren Bolton’s murder. Fans will remember that the problematic young person vanished earlier this year and is thought to have passed away.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Kit framed paedophile Nathan by hiding Lauren’s DNA in his van. Viewers discovered the truth about Lauren’s disappearance: lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) really beat her to death.

And even though Kit had promised Bernie that they would reveal the truth to the twins together, she went behind her back and delivered the shocking revelation without her during Monday’s (July 1) episode.

The news stunned Gemma and Paul, and when Bernie arrived, she was appalled to see them all together.

Kit managed to say what he had to say without Bernie interfering, hoping to cause mayhem. Then he saw Gemma and Paul confront their mother, saying he was happy to see her give up on him when he was a child.

Fans of the ITV soap opera now believe that Kit and Bernie will survive, with some even suggesting that Kit may end up framing his mother for a crime in order to exact revenge.

One person commented, “What’s Kit’s game here?!” on a Reddit thread. “Get back at Bernie probably makes Paul hate her and not be able to forgive her:(,” another person retorted.

Another fan posted this while on X, formerly known as Twitter: “That’s right, that’s it! Officially, Kit is a wrong ‘un! “I think he’s going to frame Bernie for a crime or something,” pondered a second.

Another person added, “He’s not right this one.” I believe Kit is working with Joel in collusion. I simply have this sensation. “There’s definitely something not right about Kit,” penned a fourth. I sense something negative about him.

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