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Coronation Street killer Joel’s true nature discovered as corrupt cop intervenes

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In the Coronation Street episodes airing next week, there will be more upheaval as killer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) is being warned about, and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) turning to crime will present a fresh challenge for the Winter-Brown family.

Joel wants Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) to be his future wife, so he’s focused on making sure their engagement goes smoothly.

But when his parents learn about their impending marriage, they may have different ideas.

That’s the least of his problems, though, as the teenager he has targeted across the street is being advised to stay away from him and comes to the realization that he may not be as innocent as he is portraying himself to be.

Gemma finds herself stealing shoes from a store as her financial difficulties worsen, something she quickly regrets when she is apprehended by the police.

Will a secret brother and a knight in shining armor, though, be able to rescue her from this predicament?

Monday, June 24

Emma has an increasingly difficult day. Carys receives a £70 parking fine in the mail and she really needs new shoes. When Gemma discovers that the shoes she is getting Carys measured for cost £45, she is devastated.

Gemma takes Carys’s hand while the assistant is preoccupied, and they leave the store without paying.

Gemma feels uneasy when Bernie remarks on the shoes and asks how she could afford them.

Later, Gemma is taken aback when she sees one of the fathers who has come to pick up his son, while Chesney is preparing kebabs for Joseph’s happy school friends who are present for dinner.

Kevin tells Tyrone that Stefan has decided to cover the cost of removing the deepfake videos. However, Stefan informs Kevin that the agreement is nullified because he refuses to pay the £60,000 yearly fee to have the videos removed.

Ed, Dee-Dee, Anthea, and Gus get together for lunch in the bistro. Anthea apologizes for their previous behavior, which pleasantly surprises Dee-Dee.

Anthea and Gus are shocked to learn that Joel and Dee-Dee are engaged from Amy. Joel is a creep, in Sabrina’s opinion, so she should stay far away. Sabrina acknowledges her ignorance.

Steve feels pressured by Tim to accept a night out to celebrate turning fifty. Tim receives an invitation from Sally to Tommy’s bronze bust unveiling at the County ground.

When Tim finds out it conflicts with Steve’s 50th, he is devastated. Steve believes a surprise party is being planned when Tim tells him he can’t go out with him anymore.

After spotting Glenda and Michael at the café, George proposes they put their differences aside and get together for a drink later.

Friday, June 28

Gemma is being taken into the police station after being detained for stealing the shoes. Kit is horrified to see her. Bernie implores Kit to take all necessary steps to ensure Gemma’s release.

Calling the shoe store, Kit tells Bruce that he’s here regarding the shoplifting incident and asks if he can get Gemma off. Kit is introduced to Chesney and the children by Gemma, who is curious as to why he wanted to assist her.

While there, Kit receives an unexpected call from his father.

Joel secretly answers a call from Sabrina’s partner, warning him that he must see her or else he will regret it, while Dee-Dee is getting ready for their engagement lunch. What are their desires?

Michael clearly disapproves of Glenda’s tirade about the George situation and her rightful desire for what is hers, and Glenda feels as though he is growing distant from her.

Glenda suggests to George that she will drop the case if he gives her his house when she calls the undertakers. Will she consent?

Telling Tim she’s heading into town to buy a new outfit for tomorrow, Sally phones the taxi stand. As Steve listens, he becomes even more certain that Tim is preparing a surprise party just for him.

Steve’s plans to win Amy back are secretly destroyed when Amy discloses that Tracy has canceled her visit and is staying in Spain.

Steve questions Tyrone, Cassie, and Kevin about his surprise party in the Rovers. Steve thinks they’re bluffing and smiles to himself as they deny any knowledge.

Kevin is informed by Abi that she must leave for a few days and will be staying with Lynsey and the twins. Kevin tries not to get too worked up as Abi leaves.

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