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Coronation Street spoilers for next week

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What’s next on the cobbles?

On Coronation Street, Yasmeen might face more difficulties the next week as Stu begins telling her lies without explanation.

Meanwhile, Audrey believes it’s time to be honest with her family while Kevin snaps when his stress levels get too high.

The complete list of 12 major events is provided below.

1. Stu lies to Yasmeen about his daughter

Stu expresses his displeasure at Yasmeen’s interference by stating that she found the address of his daughter.

Kelly gives Stu some counsel, and the reluctant Stu decides to go to the address. Bridget, Stu’s daughter, quickly tells him to leave, but he begs for time to explain and says cryptically that he has never mistreated anyone.

Stu apologizes to Yasmeen for snapping at her when he gets home. Additionally, he makes up a false address and claims he was unable to locate Bridget.

2. Yasmeen and Stu grow closer

Stephen goes back to Weatherfield and keeps thinking about Yasmeen.

Yasmeen makes it apparent to Stu that she is interested in him rather than Stephen, despite Stephen’s flirty behavior.

3. Stu makes a change at Speed Daal

Glen, an old acquaintance of Stu’s, calls Speed Daal to say hello. Glen states that although he is starving, he is unable to purchase anything from the menu due to a lack of funds. Yasmeen is thrilled when Stu assists his friend by putting a £20 note into the register.

When Stu advises that they begin selling the restaurant’s leftovers at a discount price in order to assist those in need, his generosity goes even farther.

4. Kevin deals with trouble for Jack

His classmates are aware of the paternity enigma that surrounded Jack in 2010. Jack’s classmates cruelly refer to him as “Spanner” since he might have either Kevin or Tyrone as a father, both of whom are mechanics.

Later, after Jack hit one of his tormentors, Nathan, Kevin is summoned to Jack’s school. Jack also says Kevin doesn’t have time for him, which causes tension at home.

5. Kevin damages Stephen’s car

With Jack’s demands, last-minute information about Abi’s impending homecoming, and a hectic workload at the garage, Kevin is in for a trying day. When Stephen complains about a poor repair on his automobile and makes a business-threatening threat, it is the last straw.

When Kevin’s emotions take over, he loses control and uses a wrench to damage Stephen’s automobile. Later, when Abi expresses her happiness at returning home the next day to Kevin, the struggling mechanic fears he may have jeopardized their happy ending.

6. Kevin receives a police visit

The joyous occasion of Abi coming home with newborn Alfie might be marred by Kevin getting a visit from the cops.

Can Kevin continue to keep Abi in the dark about his recent poor behavior? Kevin still hasn’t told Abi about it.

7. Hope exchanges some mystery messages

As soon as Phill finally signed the annulment paperwork, Fiz, Tyrone, and the girls celebrated.

But when Hope surreptitiously messages someone online going by the moniker of Mad Dog, further problems could be in store for the family. Sam, who hears Hope discussing this, says that Mad Dog likes her.

8. Summer gets a new job

To Billy’s dismay, Summer is steadfast in her decision not to attend university.

Summer is suggested by Jacob as a potential new worker for the factory. Carla chooses Summer as her PA following an interview.

9. Summer is honest with Aaron

Aaron and Summer spend the evening together in the apartment. Aaron tries to progress their connection but Summer pulls him away.

Later, Summer runs into Aaron again and reveals that her earlier choice was motivated by her insecurities. She informs Aaron that the idea of his seeing her naked makes her sick to her stomach, but how will he respond?

10. Audrey sparks more concern

After a concerning occurrence the previous week, Audrey is still in the hospital. Audrey is questioned by Becky, a liaison officer for psychiatry, about why she took so many sleeping medications.

When Audrey is released from the hospital, she is happy to hear that Stephen has come back to Weatherfield. Sarah then learns of Audrey’s hospital stay.

11. Audrey puts her foot down over the salon

With her family, Audrey acts honestly, and they recently worked out a lease for the salon with Debbie.

Although Audrey informs Nick that she doesn’t want to reopen the salon, the Platts are thrilled with their plan to have her take over the family business once more.

12. Debbie gets desperate over the Bistro

After the recent event at the hotel, Debbie finds it difficult to come up with the money for Ed’s compensation.

Debbie comes up with Psychic Night and Casino Night in response to Ronnie’s suggestion that the Bistro have some themed events. Leanne is not happy and believes that by pulling these cheap pranks on the clients, they are defrauding them.

Later that week, Debbie tells Ronnie that her two real choices are filing for bankruptcy or working for an insurance company. Debbie then overhears Ryan discussing his own financial issues with the psychic, and she has an idea.

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