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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Gemma steals to support her kids, but will she get caught?

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Tonight’s spoilers on Coronation Street show that Gemma has to take drastic steps to provide for her kids. Will it, though, come back to haunt her?

Kevin learns some heartbreaking information regarding the deepfake videos somewhere else. A meal with Dee-Dee and her future parents-in-law turns unpleasant in the meantime. Additionally, Sabrina’s friend has warned her about Joel.

See the complete list of Coronation Street spoilers for tonight and beyond below.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma steals to support her children

Gemma receives a £70 parking fine in the mail, which makes her already miserable day much worse. Furthermore, Carys is in dire need of new shoes.

She brings the child to a shoe store to get her feet measured, but she is devastated to learn that the shoes cost an expensive £45.

Gemma takes Carys’s hand while the clerk is sidetracked, and they flee the store without paying. Bernie questions Gemma about how she paid for the shoes after seeing them; will Gemma answer honestly?

Later on, when Joseph’s happy school friends are over for supper, Chesney is serving kebabs to them. But Gemma is taken aback when she recognizes one of the fathers who has come to pick up his son.

Coronation Street spoilers: Dee-Dee goes for meal with Joel’s parents

In another Corrie scene, Kevin tells Tyrone that Stefan has decided to pay to have the deepfake videos removed.

But Stefan informs Kevin that the agreement is nullified as he refuses to pay the £60,000 yearly fee to get the films removed. How will the news affect Kevin?

In the meantime, Dee-Dee and Ed have lunch in the restaurant with Anthea and Gus. Anthea apologizes for their previous behavior, which pleasantly surprises Dee-Dee.

However, things take a strange turn when Amy reveals Joel and Dee-Dee’s engagement, shocking Anthea and Gus.

Joel is a creep, according to Sabrina’s partner, therefore she should stay away. Sabrina acknowledges her ignorance.

Steve’s upcoming 50th birthday

On the cobbles, there’s also a lot of pressure on Steve to celebrate being fifty by going out on the town, and Tim is eager to go.

Tim receives an invitation from Sally to Tommy O’s bronze bust unveiling at the County ground. When Tim finds out it conflicts with Steve’s 50th, he is devastated.

Steve believes a surprise party is being organized when Tim tells him he can’t go out with him anymore.

After spotting Glenda and Michael at the café, George proposes they put their differences aside and get together for a drink later. Will Glenda concur?

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