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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Joel threatened by Sabrina’s friend

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In Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Joel Deering is blackmailed by Sabrina’s friend. But what do the girls want – and is his sinister secret at risk?

Elsewhere, Kit helps Gemma following her arrest, and Glenda worries that she might be losing Michel. Meanwhile, Steve sets himself up for a fall, and Abi has some shocking news for Kevin.

Coronation Street spoilers:

As Dee-Dee gets ready for her engagement lunch with Joel, she celebrates. Joel answers a call from Sabrina’s pal covertly in the meanwhile.

He must see her, she warns him, or he will regret it. What is their desire for Joel?

Kit tries to help Gemma

When Kit witnesses Gemma being taken into the police station after being detained for theft, he is horrified. Bernie asks him to use his influence to set Gemma free.

Kit goes to the shoe store later. He explains to them that he’s come to try and talk Gemma out of it.

Gemma is curious to find out why Kit wanted to assist her when he informs her. She presents him to the children and Chesney. Kit receives an unexpected call from his father while he is there.

Glenda extends a proposal.

Michael clearly disapproves of Glenda’s tirade over the issue with George. Glenda notices that he is becoming distant from her.

She later promises George that she will withdraw the matter provided he gives her his house. Will George agree to this?

Bad news for Steve

When Sally goes to the taxi stand, she informs Tim that she is going shopping for a new clothing for tomorrow. Convinced that Tim is organizing a surprise party for him, Steve listens in.

Afterwards, Amy discloses that Tracy has canceled her trip and is remaining in Spain. Steve is deeply hurt, and his attempts to win her back have failed.

Steve questions Tyrone, Cassie, and Kevin about his surprise party in the Rovers. Steve, thinking they’re bluffing, smiles to himself as they deny any knowledge. Is Steve preparing himself for yet another letdown?

Abi takes a break

Kevin is shocked when Abi tells him that she needs to get away for a few days and is going to stay with Lynsey and the twins. As she heads off without him, Kevin does his best to remain positive.

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