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Coronation Street: Steve and Cassie could be an iconic couple, fans note

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Supporters of Cassie Plummer and Steve McDonald on Coronation Street are eager for them to get together because they think they make a “great double act.”

In Monday’s (July 1) episode, Cassie and Steve joined forces to exact revenge on Tommy Orpington. Fans of Corrie enjoyed the amusing sequences and hope to see more of Steve and Cassie together in the future.

Is Steve and Cassie going to be the newest hot couple on Coronation Street?

Coronation Street: Cassie and Steve team up for revenge

Following Tommy Orpington’s affair with Tracy, Steve and Cassie banded together to exact revenge on the football player in Monday’s (July 1) episode of Coronation Street.

When Steve learned that Sally and Tim had canceled his 50th birthday party to go to the presentation of Weatherfield County player Tommy’s bust, he was devastated. But Cassie was here to assist.

In an attempt to get revenge on his old love rival, she offered to drive Steve to the party. The unusual pair took off with Tommy’s bust and replaced it with a football that had a drawing on it.

Tim and Sally found Tommy’s bust waiting for them in their bed when they got home later.

Has Cassie become a friend for Steve, and what will Tim think of their behavior?

Coronation Street fans are rooting for Steve and Cassie

Fans of the soap opera have been cheering for Cassie and Steve to get together ever since they emerged as Coronation Street’s newest coupling. A lot of fans shared their opinions about the couple on social media, with the majority of them predicting romance is in the works.

One admirer made the joke, “Cassie and Steve: the street’s new criminal couple,” while another said, “Steve & Cassie are going to get together aren’t they!!”

“Steve and Cassie would make a lovely couple,” remarked a third Corrie fan. “Please let Cassie and Steve get together,” begged a fourth viewer.

One more viewer of the soap opera exclaimed, “Steve and Cassie, another great double act!”

“Steve and Cassie could be the new Jack and Vera,” concluded the last viewer.

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