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Coronation Street: Toyah to get pregnant with Nick’s baby, a new fan theory predicts

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Viewers of Coronation Street have speculated that Toyah Battersby’s recent extramarital affair with her fiancé Nick Tilsley may result in her becoming pregnant with his child.

This comes after Tuesday, June 18, last night’s episode, in which Nick and Toyah embraced after yet another tense meeting with the Institute. Toyah was incensed upon discovering that Rowan had covered the cost of her child’s funeral.

Leanne, on the other hand, steadfastly stuck by Rowan and refused to hear reason. Nick comforted Toyah, and the two became passionate. and made his way to the bedroom.

Could the sultry party that Nick and Toyah attended have even more consequences for them?

Coronation Street fans predict pregnancy twist for Toyah and Nick

As the scenes on Corrie aired, viewers wrote on X with their theories about what could happen after Nick and Toyah’s passionate moment. And a lot of people said that the soap opera cliché would soon run its course.

One fan questioned, “Does anyone else think Toyah will get pregnant and carry Nick’s baby now?”

“Toyah will be pregnant now, ALL soap characters end up preggers after a 1 shot illicit liaison!” exclaimed another.

“Ooh is Corrie gonna be predictable and Toyah will get pregnant? I reckon so,” a third agreed.

“Get ready for Toyah to be pregnant,” predicted another viewer.

Will Toyah find herself pregnant with Nick’s child? And, if so, what implications does this hold for the sisters and their man?

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